Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well the finale is here...where did the time go?  We have a fantastic final four and tonight was a fight for what they all we go one last time.

Marko/Melanie-They started off with a fun and fast disco number.  It was good but the lifts were a little shaky and there were a few moments where I thought he was going to drop her...not their best routine.

Sasha/Mark-They danced a contemporary routine that was full of determination and intent.  Sasha danced forcefully and really laid it all out there, she's not playing games tonight.

Tadd/Joshua-They danced a Lil' C hip hop routine that was very hard-hitting.  Even though Tadd could work on his facial expressions a little more I still think that I would say that he out-danced Joshua.

Melanie/Robert-They danced a beautiful contemporary routine that gave me chills.  It really told a story and reminded everyone why they fell in love with Melanie from the very beginning.

Sasha/Marko-They danced a broadway routine that was a lot of fun and let each of them show a character (which they did rather well).

Sasha/Tadd-They danced a Mark Ballas Cha-Cha routine that for me was one of the worst of the night!  I really can't find anything positive about this; there was no connection to speak of and there was very little technique (and what was there wasn't very good).  Any Sasha or Tadd fans might need to be a little worried because of this one!

Marko/Lauren-They danced a beautiful contemporary routine that really told a story.  They connected with both the audience and each other while at the same time bringing the audience into their world as they danced...spectacular!

Tadd/Melanie-They danced a jazz-esque routine that was amazing!  Their characters were spot on from before they even began to dance and it was just so much fun to watch.  This was definitely a redemption piece for Tadd!

Melanie/Sasha-They danced an incredible, emotion-filled contemporary number that had amazing musicality to it.  It evoked feelings of isolation and loneliness and pulled at the heartstrings of everyone that watched.

Marko/Tadd-They closed the show with a stepping number that was painful to watch.  The timing was off, there was no synchronicity, and didn't do either of them any type of justice.

So there you have it....the finale.  Who is going to take it?  My guess is the same as it has been all season...Melanie!!  Make sure you check back tomorrow for all the results/reactions!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Ep.1

Well the Bachelorette may be over but the Bachelor Pad is back and more dramatic than ever!  At this point we all know who the cast is (and if you don't feel free to consult my blog and you soon will) so I think I'll skip over all of the small talk and intros and dive right into the heart of the matter!  Yes ladies and gentleman....Jake and Vienna.  Now before I get into that encounter let me just say that I have always been Team Jake and will always be Team Jake...if you are looking for someone to defend Vienna I'm not your girl.  Vienna started playing the scared/vulnerable card immediately...and not well I might add.  She's trying to turn the entire house against Jake before he even gets there...and the sad thing is that a lot of people are buying the crap she is shoveling at them.  Come on people...I thought you were smarter than that!  I think that Jake came into this with true intentions and tried to start that right's not his fault he was shut down.  He tried talking to Kasey and clearing the air but was dismissed rather quickly...thanks for filling his head with your lies Vienna.

The first challenge of the game took place the next morning and it involved the contestants pairing up and getting rather close to each other.  The game was called "hook-up" and the guys were harnessed and had to hold on to the girls who were straddling them.  Sounds fun but turned out to be extremely physical.  It came down to two pairs....Kasey/Vienna and Jake/Jackie.  As much as Vienna tried to put the pressure on Kasey not to let her drop, he ultimately did just that and Jake and Jackie not only won the competition but immunity for the first elimination.  Vienna was not at all happy about this and really took it out on Kasey.  She was so mad at him for letting go of her when he physically couldn't hold on anymore.  She said that he broke his promise to her and that he wasn't doing what he said he would.  Maybe their relationship isn't as strong as they would like to think it is.

Since Jake and Jackie won the competition they also got to go on a date together and ended up at the El Capitan.  On their way there, they ran into this little girl who was overwhelmed by seeing Jake.  She came up to him crying and he was so sweet to her and really gave her the attention that she so wanted.  That is the Jake that I know and love!  They have dinner over the marquee which must have been incredible!  Jake opened up to Jackie and told her the story of his relationship with Vienna and subsequent breakup and Jackie responded really well to what he was saying and saw that he was being genuine.  Then came the discussion of who to give the third rose to and Jackie brings up the idea of giving it to Vienna as a type of peace offering (are you freaking kidding me?).  Jackie soon lets the pressure of this decision get to her and turns all the power and decision making up to Jake.  He ultimately decided to give it to Vienna, much to the dismay of Gia and almost everyone in America.  He pulls Vienna and Kasey aside to talk after he gave her the rose and apologizes for how he reacted during the "Break-up Special" and admits that he was wrong to act the way he did.  He was being so sincere and genuine and she's sitting there thinking that this is torture and how his apology makes her sick.  He was trying to get closure and she was being a witch (per usual). I seriously just want to slap her silly!

Then comes elimination night....people who thought they were safe aren't and people who didn't think they were might be.  Kasey and Gia make a secret alliance not to vote the other out...and they don't plan on telling Vienna (she is the one leading the charge to get Gia out after all).  Many see Alli as someone who is playing both sides and that is putting her in serious jeopardy of going home.  Many also see Justin as someone who is playing the middle/swing vote and is also seriously being considered to be eliminated.  Blake is trying to get the votes to get Kasey out in order to split up the pairing of Vienna and Kasey apart....Gia however is reluctant to do so because she said she wouldn't vote for him.  Ultimately, despite all of the scheming the two voted out are Justin and Alli....I guessing playing both sides really doesn't pay.

Make sure you turn in next week for more drama!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We are to the Top 6 and next week is the finale...can you believe it??  I know I was gone last week (as was my blog) but I had a date with a man named Josh may have heard of him (and if you haven't shame on you).  However, I am back and so is my blog so without further ado...on with the show!

Melanie & Twitch-They did a NappyTabs routine that was very hard-hitting.  There was complete commitment to the movements and it was nice to see Melanie sink her teeth into a piece that is a little more gritty and rough.

Sasha & Kent-They danced an absolutely beautiful contemporary number.  It was so emotional and told such a beautiful story...and the use of that wall was breathtaking!

Marko & Janette-They danced a paso doble that overall went very well.  Marko lost his footing a couple times but never let it detract from the rest of the routine.  It wasn't bad, it just wasn't my favorite.

Tadd & Ellenore- They danced a Sonya Tayeh routine involving a chandelier and I have to say that it wasn't one of the better ones she has choreographed.  I didn't feel the connection between the dancers and the audience which left me feeling like something was missing.  The technique however was great and showed just how fearless these dancers have to be.

Ricky & Jamie-They danced a contemporary routine that was very free flowing.  Ricky once again had the problem of dancing too high; he really needs to feel the movement through his entire body.  He's great technically but the fact that he doesn't really get into the movement completely takes away from the magic a little.

Caitlynn & Pasha-They danced a very hot samba!  They had such amazing chemistry together and I was so impressed with how much Caitlynn's technique had improved!  It was really a turning point for her in this just may be too little too late.

Sasha & Ricky-They danced the first ever wacking routine on SYTYCD and it was definitely a new experience.  For me it was a little lackluster and just seemed to be missing something.  Sasha was better then Ricky but neither of them were fantastic.

Melanie & Tadd-They danced an amazing broadway number choreographed by Tyce.  I absolutely LOVED the use of the mirror in this piece and it really gave Melanie a chance to show that not only is she a phenomenal dancer but also a great actress.  Tadd was completely overshadowed in this piece and I honestly don't really remember much of what he did...never a good sign.

Caitlynn & Marko-They closed out the night with a jazz routine and for me it was the best routine of the night!  It had such true emotion and Caitlynn took another huge step towards where she needs to be heading.  Everything about this piece was magical.

Who do you guys think is going home?  It's going to be a tough one this week but 2 have to go!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bachelorette Finale/After The Final Rose

Well folks, we've made it to the end of this season of the Bachelorette and it hasn't always been an easy ride but I thank you for hanging with me!  There is so much to talk about tonight, both good and bad, so we might as well just dive in head first!!

First up was JP's meeting with Ashley's family and it went every way except well.  I don't think JP was there for 5 minutes before Ashley's sister started attacking him, and it all seemed to stem from the simple question "Does he make you laugh?" that for some reason Ashley had a little trouble answering.  Ashley's sister Krys said flat out that she didn't think JP was the one for her;she didn't feel as though Ashely was completely herself around him.  When she's talking to him she is so focused on his age that I don't think she's hearing anything else he has to say.  If she thinks that JP is too old for Ashley I can't help but wonder what she had to say about the age difference with Brad!  JP is telling her that he is 100% in love with her sister and it doesn't seem to matter; she has preconceived notions and she's sticking to them.  As you can imagine, JP came out of there feeling incredibly defeated and Ashley finds herself questioning everything.  He's extremely hurt by the fact that Ashley didn't defend their relationship more which makes JP wonder if she really feels the same way he does.

Then it was Ben's turn to meet her family and that went completely a very good way!  I think he won them over the moment he did that dog voice...that was just too funny!  I definitely see a different side come out in Ashley when she is around Ben but not knowing what she was like before all this I can't really make a judgment there.  Ben tells her sister that he is 100% in love with Ashley and is completely ready to propose.  Her sister reacts really well to Ben and says that she feels like Ashley is herself around Ben and that makes her really happy.  Ben is completely accepted by her family and has not let his confidence in his relationship fade what-so-ever.  At the very end Ashley says that she feels like she has everything with Ben but can't forget about how she feels about this foreshadowing?  Keep reading to find out!

We next join Ben once again on his final date with Ashley and they are off to the healing mud baths....this is now on my to-do list (with Josh Groban....not Ben, the actual Josh Groban).  Ashley is really loving the opportunity to rub mud all over Ben and probably would have kept doing it all day if they had let her...I mean she even said she wished she could go lower...hello!  Right before Ben told Ashley that he loved her he was so nervous, it was absolutely adorable!  He wasn't at all nervous when he asked for her hand in marriage but so scared to tell her he loves her, probably because there is a much bigger chance of rejection by telling Ashley he loves her.  Ashley can feel that love with him and feels completely free when they are together...but is that enough?

JP's final date with Ashley started out on a much more serious note.  After that horrid meeting with her sister, Ashley felt like she really had to ask some tough questions and there wasn't any more time to side step.  JP gave her the exact answers she was looking for though and he ended it by telling her that he is madly in love with her.  Ashley says that he proved himself to her today but I still don't really know what he had to prove in the first place.  JP ends the night by giving her a photo album with a hand-written note that is supposed to be "the first chapter in their love story".  It was so sweet and adorable and Ashley is completely infatuated with him.

This is when the big moment finally arrived...the moment where we learn for sure where Ashley's heart lies and which of these men is going to become her fiance.  I had a good idea of who Ashley was going to pick, it just wasn't who I wanted her to pick so I was hoping I was wrong...I wasn't.  Ben exited his sea plane first and we all know what that meant...that he was about to get his heart broken.  He walks up but doesn't seem to see the look on her face that reads "I care so much about you but I'm about to break your heart into a million pieces".  He got down on one knee and gave a beautiful speech and was met with complete silence.  It is at this moment where his emotions turned from happy and excited to shocked and crushed.  You could see the pain in his eyes and hear the anger in his voice.  I think this caught Ashley a little off guard because Ben has never shown this side of him before, he was completely justified however.  He just wanted to get out of there but Ashley held him back trying to make the rejection a little easier, which in turn only made it worse.  I think it's safe to say that each of our hearts broke while watching this.

We then made a quick transition from the heart wrenching breakup to the fairytale ending Ashley has been searching for.  As soon as Ashley saw JP she just lit up and you could see just how happy she truly was.  He told her he was taking the ultimate leap of faith and in return she told him that she was in love with him and that he's the only one she ever wants to be with.  He proposed with an absolutely GORGEOUS ring and she obviously said yes.  It was truly the fairy tale ending she had been waiting for and the reason she went through this whole process.

The After The Rose was a much lighter gathering then the last ATR we had with Emily and Brad.  We started off with Ben and you could tell that he was still hurting a little bit.  He says that he still thinks about Ashley but that he has no regrets about the experience because he came out of it a much more complete person and he owes that to Ashley.  He feels like he left with a little bit of dignity and that he still believes there's a chance for him to feel that way again and find love (the next Bachelor anyone?).  I see Ashley and Ben being friends down the road once his heart completely heals.

Finally, after a very long wait the happy couple was reunited for the first time in public.  It was overwhelmingly clear and obvious just how in love they are with each other.  They both struggled for the words to express just how much they loved each other and that's always a true sign of love.  Ashley's sister was there and she apologized to JP and admitted that she was completely wrong and it is obvious that he is the one for her.  They revealed future plans of Ashley moving to NYC and getting a place together.  There are no immediate plans of a wedding, they are just going to enjoy being able to take their relationship public.  They were given the gift of a return trip to Fiji which I'm sure they will enjoy soon.

As heart broken as I am for Ben, I am very happy for Ashley and JP and wish them a long and happy life together.  I hope you will all continue to read my blogs throughout Bachelor Pad and thank you for taking this reality tv journey with me!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bachelorette: Men Tell All

Wow...what an intense night!  Between the Bachelor Pad sneak peak and what went on during the Men Tell All we have a lot to talk about!  Here we go!

Thoughts on Bachelor Pad sneak peak:
  • Holly & Blake or Michelle & Blake???  Is Blake really not the good guy he seems to be?
  • Michelle Money and Graham
  • Ames & Jackie/Jake & Jackie??
  • Vienna is still showing her true colors....big surprise
  • Vienna tries to turn the whole house against Jake before he even gets there...another big surprise (NOT)
  • Vienna is clearly more interested in the money then her so-called relationship with Kasey
Men Tell All
  • Everybody began attacking William right away
  • West compares Ryan P. to a puppy
  • William couldn't watch beyond episode 1
  • William seems to have really learned from his mistakes
  • Ryan P. reveals he bought 3 books of questions before coming on the show that he read cover to cover and made notes on to focus his discussions with Ashley
  • Ames said this experience has made him a better person and he just wants Ashley to be happy
  • Chris gives Ames the hot pink boxing gloves he wore when he got a concussion
  • Bentley declined to be there tonight
  • Blake calls Bentley a narcissist and a coward
  • Chris D. said Bentley should go f**k himself for what he did and how he acted
  • Ashley says the toughest part was seeing how badly everybody reacted to the Bentley situation
  • Ashley says her biggest regret was wasting so much time on Bentley
  • Bloopers were hilarious!
  • Ashley is happy with where she is right now

Big Brother Ep.11

  • Adam has to wear an elf costume for one week
  • Lawon is a Have Not
  • Brendan is a Have Not
  • Jeff wins $10,000
  •  Jordan is a Have Not
  •  Danielle wins HOH
  • Danielle offers Jeff and Jordan a deal that if she doesn’t put them up this week that they won’t put her up next week
  • Have Nots also get Seaweed and Sardines to eat
  • Danielle nominates Brendan and Rachel for eviction

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.9

We jet off to Fiji this week for overnight dates and a visit from a surprise guest.  This week was very much a deciding week for not only Ashley but for these guys.  Off to Fiji we go!

I might as well just get the matter of the surprise guest out of the way first because clearly it is a main talking point regarding this week's episode.  The guy who returned was none other then Ryan...he just won't go away will he?  Now I know that many of you like Ryan and it's not that I dislike him, I just don't really trust him.  There is something not quite right about him and I just can't seem to put my finger on's just a feeling.  Anyways, he came back because he felt like their one-on-one date wasn't a "conducive environment for romance".  He felt like there were a lot of things that were left unsaid and that they needed more time to develop the "special connection" that they had from the start.  He came back to ask Ashley for more time to see if she feels what he feels.  Ultimately Ashley reaffirmed to Ryan that she knows she made the right decision by letting him go the first time and it just isn't there with him.

Ben was first up for a date this week and I am absolutely smitten with him!  I mean honestly, can he be any more adorable?  Their date was very flirtatious and full of lots of laughter...Ashley even compared their date to how newlyweds act on their honeymoon.  Ashley says more then once that she can really see herself spending the rest of her life with him and I'm pretty sure she isn't the only one!  Ben is completely in love with Ashley and even if he hadn't said it to the camera it was completely written all over his face.  He might not have told Ashley directly but I think she could tell that he had very deep and serious feelings for her and you could tell that those feelings were returned on her part.  He accepted the fantasy suite card and the rest of their night was as they say, history.

Constantine was up next and he was like a kid in a candy store when he saw that helicopter.  He seemed more excited about the helicopter then he was to see Ashley, never a good sign.  He is definitely more closed off then either Ben or JP and I constantly wonder whether he is capable of taking the big leap that is required when you fall in love with someone.  I don't think he would be ready at the end of this to say he loves Ashley and accept all that comes with that.  He isn't in love with Ashley at this point and I find myself wondering what he does feel for her, does he feel anything at all?  This all leads to Constantine saying that this is the end of the road for him and choosing to leave.  I respect him for doing what he knew was right and not forcing anything or pretending there was something when there wasn't.

Last but certainly not least we have Ashley's date with JP.  There is just this unspeakable connection and chemistry between them that is undeniable.  Ashley says that JP has been her rock throughout this whole experience and that is a very important quality to have in a relationship, to know that you can go to that person and that they will be there to support you no matter what.  When JP looks at Ashley he sees the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with and even though he says he's falling in love with her, I think it's safe to say that he's already fallen.  I feel like Ashley spent part of the night reassuring both JP and herself of what was going on and what they needed to focus on....this gave me a bit of a pause because reassurance shouldn't be necessary.  JP was offered the fantasy suite card and gladly accepted the offer to spend some real alone time with "the woman he loves".

Even though there are only two guys left Ashley felt like it was important to still have a rose ceremony.  She realizes that this is a two-way street and only wants them to accept the rose if they both see themselves on the path to potentially getting engaged in a week.  It is of no surprise that they both accepted the rose.

Make sure you tune in on SUNDAY for the Men Tell All and then again on MONDAY for the finale!  Who is Ashley going to choose?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Brother Ep.8

  • Jeff had no clue Brendan and Rachel are engaged....where has be been?
  • Rachel feels like she can trust Lawon the least
  • Luxury Competition=No have/have nots
  • Jordan wins the luxury competition with a guess she took in the first 2 minutes of the competition (did anyone follow her logic?)
  • Jordan chooses Jeff, Shelly, and Kalia to share in her reward
  • Rachel thinks Jordan should have chosen her because she's HOH
  • Rachel and Brendan fight....again
  • Rachel and Brendan talk about nominating Jeff and Jordan
  • Rachel nominates Adam and Dominic for eviction

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Brother Ep.7

  • Jordan is really upset about having to nominate Cassi and Shelly
  • Cassi and Rachel get in a cat fight
  • Jordan lays it out straight for Rachel and says that sometimes she is perceived as a bitch
  • Brendan treats Cassi like a child
  • Cassi is evicted in a 9-0 vote
  • Shelly receives the Golden Key
  • Rachel wins HOH

Big Brother Ep.6

  • Jordan is targeting Dominic, not Adam
  • Jeff says he needs some "Rachel Off"
  • Adam agrees to throw the Veto competition
  • Brendan and Rachel selected at random to compete in the Veto competition
  • Rachel takes 2 weeks of slop to continue competing in the competition, then falls again and is out for good
  • Dominic wins the Veto
  • Jeff and Rachel get in a fight over a comment she said about Jordan
  • Rachel goes and cries in the bushes
  • Jordan considers backdooring Brendan and Rachel
  • Dominic takes himself and Adam off the block
  • Jordan puts up Cassi and Shelly for eviction

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It is Wednesday once again and the All-Stars are here!  Personally, I am very excited about having the All-Stars back because I think it just brings the dancing up so much more (plus I love seeing certain dancers again)!  Who stepped up to the plate and who fell flat?  Let's find out!

Marko-He danced an extremely fast samba with Chelsie Hightower.  I had wondered whether he may lose some of his magic when he and Melanie were split up but he definitely did not!  He had amazing footwork and was really moving those hips!  He is continually showing just how versatile he is and I would not be surprised if he sticks around for a very long time.

Jordan-She danced a very difficult contemporary routine with Brandon.  I always knew she was a great dancer but this was the first week where I really realized just how amazing she really is.  Her technique was fantastic, she was strong and powerful, and she felt what she danced.  I agree with Nigel, America needs to wake up and see just how great this girl is.

Tadd-He danced a super fast paced hip hop routine with Comfort.  It's no secret that I really don't care for Comfort, lucky for me she was completely out-danced tonight!  He had fantastic timing and really showed his stuff with all of that choreography.  There was so much going on and he never missed a beat...incredibly impressive!

Mitchell-He danced a broadway number with Melody and in my opinion he fell way short.  He completely over-performed the whole routine and took the "cheese factor" way too far.  Broadway just does not seem to be his style and I think he's in trouble this week. (BTW-who noticed Neil Patrick Harris diss Tyce's choreography?  Oh snap!)

Caitlynn-She danced a sensual Argentine Tango with Pasha which was easily one of my favorite routines of the night!  Tonight was the night that she took her dancing and the competition to another level.  Her technique was remarkable and I really felt the story that they were trying to convey.  I have a feeling that this routine will stand the test of time and become one of the best of the season.

Sasha-She danced an amazing Christopher Scott hip hop routine with Twitch (one of my personal favs) and once again it was easily one of the best of the night!  They had so much chemistry together and you could feel the fighting spirit all through the number.  She had amazing musicality and technique, she definitely shined tonight!

Jess-He danced a contemporary routine with Kathryn and it was one of my favorites that he has done thus far.  He dealt with all of those lifts like a champ and really was a great partner.  I could feel the emotion that he was trying to convey and he helped make a relate-able routine even more relate-able.

Melanie-She danced a Viennese Waltz with Pasha that had a beautiful message to it.  I don't think this routine had a single downfall; it had a constant flow of movement and emotion.  It seemed effortless and Melanie danced weightlessly.  I don't know how she does it each and every week but she is definitely the one to beat!

Ricky-He danced a fearful contemporary routine with Alison and I think this was one of the first weeks that we really saw Ricky shine.  He matched Alison move for move and was not out-danced like some of the other contestants tonight.  He embraced his character instead of fighting it and allowed his movement to be powerful and raw.  I was very impressed with him tonight!

Clarice-She danced an intricate Bollywood number with Robert (another fav of mine) and did it remarkably well.  I don't think there was anything she could have done to perform better; she had high energy and hit all her marks and steps.  I'm still just missing that connection with her...she danced fabulously but to me it felt disconnected.  If other people feel the same way she could be in trouble.

What a night!  I think the All-Stars definitely raised the bar and most of the dancers met them.  It's going to be tough seeing some of these dancers in the bottom 4 tomorrow night...I have a feeling we may be in for a surprise!

Bottom 4: Clarice, Mitchell, Ricky, and Jordan
Going Home: Clarice and Mitchell

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.8

It's hometown date week and this is when things really get serious.  This week is often the make it or break it time where you can either see yourself fitting in with the family and into the other person's world or not.  This was probably my favorite episode of this season and there is a lot to talk about so we might as well just get down to it.

Ashley first went to Constantine's hometown and I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE his family!  What an amazing group of people!  The date started off with Constantine taking Ashley to his family's restaurant where they made pizza and salad for lunch.  He seemed so much more playful and confident then he has thus far and I am loving that side of him!  The line where he said "Is it getting a little cheesy in here?" while holding up the pizza cheese was epic!  Then to get to see him interact with his family and see how truly close-knit they are was great.  Ashley said that she feels like she really fits in with his family and can see herself having a life with him, and I might be starting to see it too.  Before tonight I really didn't see the connection between Constantine and Ashley but I'm finally starting to see it and I'm liking what I see.

Next was Ames' hometown and I have mixed emotions about what I saw.  His sister sees that Ames is "smitten" with Ashley and that Ashley feels something for him too but isn't sure it's the right thing.  She asked Ashley a lot of questions and to me it seemed like Ashley was very indirect in her answers and always ended up going back to how she likes what she sees but needs to know more about him.  Ashley repeatedly says that she is being reassured of Ames by his family but I feel like she shouldn't have to be reassured of these things, she should just know and trust in them by this point.  Ashley isn't feeling the passion and romance aspects with Ames and I think that came across to his sister because she then went on to tell Ames that he needs to step it up and show Ashley his romantic side, which he then does.  He takes Ashley on a picnic under a huge, beautiful magnolia tree and then on a carriage ride along the river which looked spectacular.  Ames definitely made a huge effort but I just didn't see it there between them.

Ben was up next and this was definitely the most heart wrenching of the dates.  They first go on this picnic to his winery which is like my dream date so I was ridiculously jealous of them at that moment.  Ben and Ashley have a really good talk before heading to his house and Ben shares that he feels confident in bringing Ashley home which is not usually the case.  Ashley then asked about what his dad would have thought if he had been able to meet her and Ben felt sure that he would have really liked her and you could immediately see how important that is to him.  Ashley says that she is most nervous about meeting Ben's family which shows me that she really cares about him and how he's feeling.  Ben shares with his family that he feels like it's effortless with Ashley and that he can see himself proposing to her at the end of this.  Then he sat down with his mom which made me completely lose it.  When he was talking about how he was right after his dad died and that he should have been a better son my heart completely broke.  It was in that moment that I really fell for Ben...seeing him like this made me realize that he is the kind of man that I want to be with and I think he's the kind of man Ashley wants to be with too.  Ashley said that she can see herself spending the rest of her life with him and I can see it too.

Last but not least was JP and I always look forward to seeing JP!  He took her roller skating which was absolutely adorable and they were so cute together.  It gave a little glimpse of what a regular date would be like for them and they looked like they belonged together.  She says that she feels lucky to be with him which is something you really only say when you're really falling for someone.  JP really started to lay all of his cards out on the table by telling her that he's 100% certain of his relationship with Ashley and that he is completely miserable when he's not with her.  This was a huge step for him because he's really starting to make his feelings known and putting his faith in his relationship.  He's clearly falling in love with Ashley and she is clearly falling in love with him.  He tells his family that he's willing to put himself out there because he thinks what he has with Ashley is the real thing and that he doesn't feel like he's going to get his heartbroken at the end of this.  He is very open to the idea of proposing to Ashley at the end of this if it feels right.  Ashley tells his mom that she is completely "smitten" with JP and knows that she has something very special with him.  There is no way I can close this hometown date without mentioning that picture JP's mom brought out at the end....oh the hair!  He was adorable then and he is even more adorable now.

Ashley's talk with Chris before the rose ceremony allowed her to shine a light on how she felt about each date.  Ashley felt Constantine's hometown date was the best one, Ames would be the best husband, Ben planned the perfect date, and JP's mom was the sweetest and their date went exactly how she wanted it to.  It should have been no surprise that Ames was the one who did not receive a rose; the passion and romance just wasn't there between them and it was just too forced.  You could tell that Ames was completely shocked but was nothing but a complete gentleman when saying goodbye to Ashley.  He then revealed when he was in the car that he had fallen in love with Ashley and felt numb by her rejection.  I felt so bad for him even though I knew she had made the right decision.

Next week they are off to Fiji and someone returns...any guesses as to who it is? (HINT-it isn't Bentley!)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big Brother Ep.5

  • People suspect that Adam cut a deal with the veterans and voted to evict Keith
  • Adam and Dominic both said individually that they no longer want to play as a duo and are only going to play for themselves
  • Dominic is trying to get in with Danielle by flirting with her
  • Adam grovels to Jordan and Jeff
  • The Have/Have Not competition involved the pairs being "super ants" and looked pretty painful
  • Kalia thought she had really hurt her shoulder but got the all clear from the medic
  • Brendan and Rachel won the Have/Have Not competition and put Dominic, Adam, Cassi, and Shelly on slop for the week
  • America voted and chose to add jellybeans and jerky to the things those on slop can eat
  • Dominic went to Jordan and Jeff wanting to make a deal so they can play together but they aren't sure they can trust him
  • Jordan nominates Dominic and Adam for eviction

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Brother Ep.4

  • Brendan and Rachel get into a fight and we see their communication issues
  • Shelly considers teaming up with the veterans
  • Dick lets us know that he and his immediate family are okay but we still don't know what the emergency was
  • Adam voted against the veterans even though they think he's on their side
  • Keith gets evicted (thank goodness!)
  • Porsche gets the Golden Key
  • Jordan wins HOH (yay!)

Big Brother Ep.3

  • Porsche seems like she's completely clueless about what is going on...has she seen Big Brother before?
  • Keith wants to throw the Veto (and does)...little does he know Porsche also threw it
  • Danielle gets the first Golden Key of the competition due to Evel Dick having to leave due to a personal matter that was not revealed or explained
  • Keith acts way too happy about Dick being gone and starts annoying people
  • Keith begins coming up with conspiracy theories that makes people in his own alliance question how stable and reliable he is
  • Brendan and Rachel win the Veto but choose not to use it and the nominations stay the same

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It is Wednesday once again and this week of SYTYCD is more important then ever because whoever makes it through this week gets to go on tour.  It is also the first week where each couple has had two dances to perform...did they hold up under pressure?  Let's find out!

Sasha & Alexander-Their first dance was a paso doble which was stronger then I expected it to be.  It got a little sloppy at the very end but the rest of the dance was solid and full of fight.  Their second number of the night was absolutely amazing!  Even though she fell at the end of it she made it work for the number.  It was hands down their best number of the competition and one of the best of the night.

Jordan & Tadd-They started off their night with a Travis Wall contemporary routine which was absolutely amazing (as usual).  They had such great musicality and technique!  It was such a strong routine and it really showed that both of these dancers are powerhouses!  Their second dance of the night was a broadway number that paled in comparison to their first routine.  It's not that it was bad, it just wasn't great.  I didn't feel anything when I watched it, it was just a lot of good technique.

Ryan & Ricky-They danced a broadway routine which was less then stellar.  I'm not sure whether it really lies with the choreographer or the dancers but it didn't sparkle.  I felt like Ryan was better then Ricky in this routine; I felt like she embraced the character of it more and was much more mesmerizing then Ricky was.  I honestly couldn't tell you what Ricky did because my eyes almost never went to him.  They then danced a ridiculously fast cha cha number that was hot but could have been hotter.  Ryan was a little sloppy while Ricky was super surprising by being very tight and strong.  I think they could be in trouble this week.

Caitlynn & Mitchell-They danced a hip hop routine with a very serious and powerful message intended to be behind it.  I felt like it fell short though; it wasn't as hard hitting at times as I felt it should have been and they weren't in unison as much as they should have been.  They didn't move together which took away from the piece and lost some meaning in translation.  However, they completely redeemed themselves with their second number!  It was a Travis Wall jazz routine and it was AMAZING!  There was so much intensity and fire to of the best routines of the night!

Melanie & Marko-They started off with a very difficult tango routine by Louis van Amstel that they did very well.  The final lift was absolutely breathtaking!  There were a few shaky moments here and there but nothing big enough to take away from how impressive they were during this routine.  They then danced a gorgeous contemporary routine that just took my breath away.  It was so full of genuine emotion and feeling that I couldn't take my eyes off of them.  Amazing routine, amazing dancers, amazing everything...I'm going to be sad to see these two split up.

Clarice & Jess-They had a lyrical hip-hop number to start the night off and it was a really great number.  I felt like Christopher Scott choreographed a very relatable number and the dancers held up their end of the bargain.  I did feel like Jess was better then Clarice in this particular number but they both were solid all the way through.  They closed the show with a jive which was good but not the best I've seen.  I felt like once again Jess was better than Clarice.  Clarice had a few mis-steps throughout the routine and her flicks weren't as strong as Jess' were.

What a night of dance!  It's going to be tough to see two people go home tomorrow and see the pairs split up but I am really excited to see who the all-stars are and see how high they can raise the level of dance like they did last year.

Bottom 3: Caitlynn/Mitchell, Ryan/Ricky, Sasha/Alexander
Going Home: Ryan and Alexander

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.7

The Bachelorette is back again!  After a break in the action due to the 4th of July last week we have returned with an emotion filled episode!  On top of the main episode with Ashley and the guys, Chris Harrison also did an interview with Emily Maynard about her relationship with Brad Womack and what exactly went wrong.  I'm going to cover Ashley's part first and then get into Emily's we go!

This week we join them in Taiwan and there are 3 1-on-1 dates and 1 group date....there are no roses on the 1-on-1's but there was one on the group date, which made the group date even more awkward then it was to begin with.

The first date was with Constantine and they took a train ride into this little village to participate in their lantern festival.  They decorated one of the lanterns by putting their "love wishes" on each side of it.  Constantine impressed me with how seriously he took it and how into it he actually was.  At dinner Constantine and Ashley had a big discussion about what a hometown date would hold and how it might change their relationship.  Constantine expressed his openness to the idea of marriage and of this relationship working.  It really seemed to be a turning point in their relationship.  Thus far it has been a very slow progression but I think they took a big step this week.  I'm still not sure if I really see a lot of chemistry between them though...they may just be destined to remain in the friend zone.

The next date went to Ben and they took to exploring by moped.  Ben was pulling out a lot of smooth lines (which was adorable) and they looked very natural riding together, they seemed to fit together.  Ben made a comment to the camera that he was falling in love with Ashley but wasn't ready to tell her yet....even though he definitely hinted around it throughout their dinner.  Ashley then told the camera that she felt like Ben was her boyfriend...and I can totally see it!  They just work together and I can see them in real life so easily.  Ben is becoming so much more confident as this process goes on and I think he may be standing there at the end.

The group date was next up and it was beyond awkward.  We had JP, Lucas, and Ames together and Ashley had them meet her to go take wedding photos.  If JP wasn't in a bad mood already he definitely was now.  Each guy was dressed differently (JP in the traditional tux, Ames in some bad 80's tux that involved ruffles, and Lucas in a traditional Asian outfit) and JP was the only one happy with what he was wearing.  Having the guys watch the other as they took the photos with Ashley (and ultimately kissed her) was just beyond awkward.  JP's jealousy really began to show this week and it wasn't the most attractive thing we've seen from him.  I didn't think he would be the one to let it get to him so much but then again it's often the ones I think are doing well that really aren't.  He told Ashley about how much of a hard time he was having with everything and she really wanted to reassure him so she gave him the rose to ensure a hometown date with him, much to the disappointment of Lucas and Ames.  I think JP is feeling so much jealousy because he's so invested in this relationship but he needs to get it under control and fast.

The last date this week was with Ryan and you could tell from the very beginning that it wasn't going to end well.  They started off walking through a temple and among all of these people praying to various gods.  Ryan thought it to be a romantic experience....not really seeing the romantic aspect to this one personally.  They then stopped to make a wish to the matchmaking god.  In order to do so they had to make a wish and then throw two bricks on the ground, if the bricks turned up in opposite directions then their wish would come true...their bricks turned up the same way.  This should have been the first sign of bad things to come...Ryan didn't see it that way though.  By this time however, it was obvious that Ashley was not into Ryan at all.  Then when he started talking about water heaters it was just a matter of time before the crash and burn happened.  As much as I knew that they weren't right for each other, having Ryan say "You don't want to meet my family?" with that look in my eyes broke my heart.  He is truly a sweet and sincere guy and I'm sure he'll find someone to spend the rest of his life with, that girl just isn't Ashley.  Ashley ultimately made the decision to send Ryan home before the rose ceremony even though she was questioning her decision almost immediately.  I'm sure she'll come to realize that she made the right choice and see that while Ryan is a great guy he isn't the one for her.

The rose ceremony was short and sweet this week.  Ashley came into it knowing what she wanted to do so there was no need for a cocktail party.  In the end Lucas was the one to not receive a rose.  I can't say this surprised much as I love Lucas and no matter how great of a guy he is there just wasn't that romantic spark between them.  They would make amazing friends but that romantic box just was never checked.  I will definitely miss seeing Lucas each week but know he'll find someone wonderful.

Now comes time to talk about Chris' interview with Emily...and it breaks my heart to have had to watch that.  Personally, I thought that they would be one of the couples to make it.  I never thought that I would have to watch that tear-jerking interview...but the reality of the situation is that they are no longer together.  It seems like it was a very painful breakup but not an ugly one.  So many people have all of these misconceptions of the breakup thanks to the tabloids but it doesn't seem like it was any one ugly event.  The fact that Emily was tearing up before she even got out of the limo made me grab some tissues ASAP.  She made it clear right from the start that she had nothing bad to say about Brad and would not tolerate anyone else saying anything bad about him.  She said that there were some little red flags along the way which ultimately made her doubt whether he would want to be with her forever.  She didn't have complete faith that their love would allow their relationship to stand the test of time and it seems that that was the straw that broke the camels back.  Emily revealed that they still talk frequently and it is clear that she still loves him and I'm sure he feels the same way about her.  The question was posed whether things would have turned out differently had they not been constantly hounded by the paparazzi...and while we will never know what the outcome could have been I think it is safe to say that it would have been a lot easier without the interference of the paparazzi and the tabloids.  I hope that these two can come to a place where they are not only friends but find happiness, regardless of whether it is with each other or someone else.

Next week we have the hometown dates which are always a source of interesting events and lots of emotions.  Until then!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big Brother Ep.2

I'm sure by now a lot of us have heard the news that Evel Dick is no longer in the competition and everybody wants to know why....well we don't know just yet.  We do however know that he has done a lot of the ground work for the veterans thus far which was one of the focuses of this episode.  Here are some of the highlights:
  • Porsche wants to team up with the veterans....lucky for her the veterans want to team up with her too.
  • We got a chance first hand to see Rachel's obsession/fascination with plastic surgery.  We also got to see how opposed to the whole concept Brendan is....seems like it could be a problem for them later on.
  • Rachel wants to know whether Cassi has had a nose job or Botox...she's sure she's had something done though.
  • "The Regulators" were formed...this group consists of Cassi, Lawon, Craig, and Dominic.
  • The Have/Have Not competition was a "milk-tastic" event and Cassie, Shelly, Lawon, and Kalia were left on the wrong side of the mooooooon (sorry, I had too)....hope the slop and sleeping situation doesn't get them too down.
  • The veterans decided they wanted Porsche and Adam on their side and made moves to recruit them.
  • Porsche and Keith were nominated for eviction.
  • Veterans want to get rid of Keith and give Porsche the "golden key" so she can help do their bidding.
Next episode we should find out more about Evel Dick's early departure as well as see the POV competition.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Brother Ep.1

It's summer and that means one thing...Big Brother.  Drama will not be lacking and confrontations are a given....even with the new twists this season.  Without further ado here are some of the highlights of the first episode of this long awaited season.

  • All house guests are forced to pick a partner to go through the game with.  Not only will they compete together but they will also go up on the block together.  This is a game where you want to choose your partner carefully which is hard to do when you've known each other for a matter of minutes.
  • There are 3 "Dynamic Duos" returning to the Big Brother house this season---Brendan and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan, and Evil Dick and Danielle.
  • Brendan and Rachel revealed they recently got engaged...seriously?  He must be stupider then I thought to honestly want to spend the rest of his life with her.
  • I'm really excited that Jeff and Jordan are back!  They are personal favorites of mine and I love seeing them together again.
  • Evil Dick and Danielle haven't spoken in 3 years (supposedly).  Now there is a very good chance that this is true...there's also a good chance that this is a rouse.  Only time will tell I suppose.
  • Adam is quickly becoming one of my favorites!  I'm loving that this tough, heavy metal loving guy drinks apple martinis and continuously makes Beverly Hills 90210 references.  I really hope he stays around for awhile!
  • The first HOH competition took place which involved contestants clinging onto a giant banana with their arms and legs....insert dirty joke of choice here.  Rachel was the winner and becomes the first HOH and is therefore safe this week along with Brendan.
  • One more twist was revealed at the end of the show....and that is the Golden Key.  The member of the duo put on the block who survives elimination receives a Golden Key which secures them a place in the Top 10.  This continues for the first 4 weeks of competition.  The recipient of the Golden Key cannot participate in any challenges but can vote in eliminations.  This adds another element to the nomination process because you aren't really trying to get someone out as much as trying to ensure that someone stays around.
Tune in Sunday to see who gets nominated and make sure to check back here later that night for my next blog!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!  With The Voice being over and The Bachelorette being a rerun it's been a week since I've had a new post.  I was super excited for this episode before it even began because I found out that Travis Wall was a guest judge last night!  My love for Travis Wall knows no end and this was definitely no exception!

The night began with a number by the Top 7 boys re-enacting the 7 stages of grief.  Had I not been given this explanation beforehand I probably wouldn't have known that is what is was about.  The piece was good but it didn't wow me.  The majority of my time was spent noticing how off Chris was....there were very few moments where he actually matched the other 6 guys.  He was continuously about two beats behind which lessened the effect of the piece dramatically.

Melanie & Marko-What can I say about these two that I haven't said a hundred times before?  They danced a jazz routine that was very passionate and commanding.  Technically they are leaps and bounds above everybody (especially Melanie) and the amount of confidence they come with is astounding.  I feel like I can safely say that these are the people to beat.

Sasha & Alexander-They danced a hip hop routine that was in my opinion very lacking in many areas.  Alex really wasn't successful in the "swag" area....I'm sure he tried but it just didn't come across.  There wasn't a connection anywhere to be found, whether it was between them, between them and the choreography, or them and the just wasn't there.  Sasha did come across more then Alex did but this is one number that won't be receiving my votes.

Jordan & Tadd-They danced a magical and dreamy waltz that for me left something to be desired.  Technically they were both very solid, although there were a few moments that seemed to be a little stop and go instead of continuously flowing.  I didn't feel that the emotion they were trying to convey came through, it was pretty to watch but I didn't feel anything at the end of it.

Clarice & Jess-They danced an anger-filled contemporary routine which turned out to be one of my favorite routines of the night.  It was a very emotional number but not in the usual sense where I end up tearing up at the was a very true reflection of what that situation is like and that's anger.  The emotions each of them conveyed was very honest, it wasn't forced and it wasn't fake.  These two improve each and every week and might be ones to look out for as the competition progresses.

Ashley & Chris-They danced a salsa routine that was anything but hot.  There was no chemistry between them and no chemistry between them and the audience.  There were many moments where they seemed to hesitate instead of being confident in what they were doing.  Technically they did the choreography (although Chris seriously needs to work on his hip action) but they just came up short.  I would be shocked if they weren't in the bottom 3 tomorrow.

Ryan & Ricky-They danced a zombie inspired jazz routine that was absolutely amazing!  This routine was so fun to watch and they brought an amazing amount of energy to it the entire way through.  They were very much in character the whole time and the synchronicity of the movement was impeccable!  If America knows what is good for them they will vote for these two and keep them safe tomorrow night!

Caitlynn & Mitchell-They danced a contemporary routine that was by far the best of the night and without a doubt my favorite.  The beauty and emotion was so present in every move they made, even the small ones Caitlynn would make with her foot while in a hold.  It gave me was amazing end of story.

The show closed with a Top 7 girls jazz routine that once again proved just how amazing the girls are this season.  When you put their number against the one the guys did in the beginning of the show it is obvious that the guys need to either step it up or move out of the way.

Who do you think is in trouble this week?  Let me know!

UPDATE---- Bottom 3: Ashley & Chris, Jordan & Tadd, and Ryan & Ricky
ELIMINATED---- Ashley and Chris

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's Top 16 week and not only does each couple have a dance but they were split into two groups and have to perform a group number.  Let's see if they were able to handle the load....

The show started off with a group number choreographed by Tyce DiOrio (LOVE) and it was very much about girl domination.  It's no secret that the girls have been dominating the competition from the start and Tyce took full advantage of that...and made it into something great.  It was a power packed number and a great way to kick off the show.

Sasha & Alexander-They did a contemporary routine that involved the use of a piano as a prop.  First of all, the use of the piano was genius.  I didn't feel as moved by the piece as I wanted to but the end was beautiful with the hands coming from within the piano.

Kaitlynn & Mitchell-They danced a samba and WOW!!  That was incredible!  It was so rhythmical and such great hip action from both of them!  I was floored at how fantastic it was!

Miranda & Robert-They did a broadway number and really embodied their characters.  Both of these dancers have shown an amazing amount of growth thus far and I'm really excited to see where they can go from here.

Melanie & Marko-They danced a NappyTabs lyrical jazz routine and I got chills watching it.  They are each such amazing dancers and when you put them together it's just magic.  It was hard when it needed to be hard and it was soft when it needed to be soft.  Like Nigel said, they really are the couple to beat right now.  That being said, I can't move on without talking about the kiss fest that went on during judging.  What on Earth was that??  Nigel kissed Mary (yuck), Kristin kissed Lil C, and the Nigel attempted to kiss Lil C....they have completely lost it!

Ashley & Chris-They danced a jazz routine which was technically sound but felt disconnected when it came to the emotional aspect.  It was sharp and tight but the connection just wasn't there and that made it a little boring for me to watch.

Clarice & Jess-They danced a gorgeous foxtrot!  Everything about this dance was just beautiful!  They were so elegant and graceful and even the small movements screamed loud.  Brilliant!

Ryan & Ricky-They danced a heart wrenching, emotion filled contemporary routine that I think many of us can relate to.  They not only let the emotion show but they let it flow through them.  It was beautiful and mesmerizing and I'm so glad that these two were saved last week.

Jordan & Tadd-They also had a NappyTabs routine this week but they got hip hop.  It was a very fun and playful routine and they did great with the characters of the piece.  There was a time or two where they looked slightly out of sync but that could have been due to either the camera angle or the degree to which each did the movement.  Very fun routine to watch!

The show closed with the 2nd group number and I think it was a great way to end the night.  It was full of powerful dancing and a great story!

Voting this week is going to be hard because there are so many couples who did amazingly....will America get it right this time?  We'll find out tomorrow night!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Voice Live Ep.4

This is it...the finals.  As much as I want one of these people to have their dreams come true I don't want the show to end!  My selfish desires aside it was a great night of competition so without further ado...your final four!

The show began with a performance of "Under Pressure" by the coaches and was it just me or did something seem off with the whole thing?  I can't figure out what exactly it was but it just didn't completely come together. we're really on to the final four!

  • He began his show by singing an original song called "Stitch By Stitch".  I felt like this song really embodied who he was both as an artist and as a person.  The lyrics to the song itself we're amazing and I love the line "put me back together now stitch by stitch".
  • His duet with Adam was "Man In The Mirror" by Michael Jackson and it was AMAZING!!  Best performance of the night in my opinion!!  There was nothing about it that wasn't incredible...I will be downloading this one!
  • She began her show by singing "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty with her coach Blake Shelton.  I think the lyrics of the song were very appropriate for her to be singing.  Even though her voice and Blake's voice are so different it just worked.
  • She followed up with her original song "Inventing Shadows" which definitely has a message and theme that a lot of people will relate to.  It was a very haunting song and some may say that it was directed to a certain kind of audience.  I don't see that song being played on mainstream or Top 40 radio...that's not to say it wasn't great but I think it might pull a bit of a smaller audience then some of the others.
  • She began her show by singing her original song "Afraid To Sleep".  It was a song full of emotion but not one that I would listen to.  The best thing about her performance in my opinion is when Blake made the comment "Well I can't say she's been in my pants" when referring to Adam buying her a pair of his jeans because she liked them.
  • She sang "Love Is A Battlefield" by Pat Benatar as her duet song with Cee Lo and in true Cee Lo fashion it was certainly a performance.  I think it was a great song choice for Vicci but I think I would have liked it even better had she just sung it on her own instead of with Cee Lo.
  • She began by singing "Beautiful" with her coach Christina...and it was just that, beautiful.  It's such a beautiful and amazing song to begin with and their rendition gave me chills.  It was amazing to watch.
  • Her original song "Lovesick" was a rocker number if I ever heard one.  It was exactly what I saw her doing and I'm glad that she stuck to who she is.  While it's not a song I would have on my iTunes it was a fantastic performance.
It was a great show and it's going to be hard to pick a winner.  I think it will come down to Javier and Dia...what do you all think?  Who's going to take it?


Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.6 can cut the drama with a knife.  We have BadNewsBentley back along with some intense dragon boat racing, a lot of hurt egos, and one guy leaving before the rose ceremony even occurs.  We might as well just dive right in to the gigantic pool of drama that was this episode.

We might as well just start off with the giant douche bag in the room....BadNewsBentley.  First of all, that kiss was majorly sibling awkward.  Bentley said a whole lot of nothing the entire time....probably because he was trying to cover his ass (unsuccessfully I might add).  When he did finally speak he pulled out gems like "I employ you to see what is here"...WTF?!?  Then FINALLY Ashley woke up and saw Bentley for the jerk he really is.  I think my favorite part (aside from when she talked to Bentley via the camera at the end) was when she told him that he "needs to be a man and admit that it's done".  It might have taken her awhile but she got there and that's what really matters in the end.

Lucas got the first date and I was glad to see that he finally got some time with her!  The date seemed a little slow to start but it was obvious early on just how comfortable they were with each other.  I could definitely see them in every day life based off of how their energies combined so well together.  The dinner on the boat looked absolutely about a romantic setting!!  Lucas really opened up when he told Ashley about his marriage and subsequent divorce and I think that let Ashley start to really see who this guy is and what he's all about.  He did get the rose and I have to say it was absolutely adorable watching them dance...Ashley says that she feels protected with Lucas, we'll just have to wait and see if that turns in to more.

Next came the group date, luckily nobody ended up in the hospital with a concussion this week.  The competitive edge wasn't gone however since they were racing dragon boats.  They were split up into 3 groups of 2 (lucky Blake got stuck with Ryan) and were challenged to go out into the streets and recruit people to be on their team and compete in the race with them.  This presented challenges for Ben and seems as though nobody was willing or interested in helping them out.  Unfortunately it didn't get any better for them because they lost...terribly.  They did have a few good sound bites however...for example "Dude we're getting smoked" "Like salmon bro".  Ultimately Ames and Mickey were victorious and claimed the trophy.  Once they got to their second destination Ames stole Ashley away into an elevator where he then proceeded to very unexpectedly make out with her.  You could tell it took Ashley off guard but good for him for going after something he wanted.  I still don't really see anything between them but we shall see.  It was very obvious from the time Ben spent with Ashley that the chemistry that was there on their date last week was still there and very much alive.  Unfortunately, Ryan scored the rose once again which left the guys completely confused.  Like them I really don't see what Ashley sees in him, clearly there is something because he continues to get the rose week after week.

JP got the second individual date, which was his second date with Ashley.  I love JP and each and every week without fail he makes me fall for him even more and I'm sure Ashley feels the same way.  There really isn't much for me to say about the first part of their date because I was just caught up in how amazing they are together and how real what they have is.  Ashley did decide to tell JP about Bentley because she wants to be completely honest in her relationship with him which I really commend her on.  I'm sure it was hard for her to say and equally as hard for him to hear but he took it so well, with so much understanding and grace that you can't help but love him.  JP and Ashley have really build a very solid and pure foundation for their relationship and I really think that they could go the distance.

Then came the cocktail party and rose ceremony...which went any way but the way Ashley had anticipated.  She decided to tell the rest of the guys about Bentley thinking they would take it the same way JP did...they didn't.  Constantine and Lucas were really fired up and visibly hurt by what she said and didn't even try to hide it.  JP came to Ashley's defense and Ryan played it cool...which I question because that isn't the reaction I would expect.  There's a fine line between understanding and not caring and at this point I'm not sure which side Ryan is on.  Blake was very standoff-ish towards Ashley but did try to comfort Ashley when she got visibly upset; I respect him for being able to comfort her but still verbalize how he was feeling without blowing up.  I think part of the problem in this whole situation was that Ashley didn't really know how to verbally convey what she was feeling and it came out differently then she wanted it to.  It was such a shock and a slap in the face to these guys that they reacted without thinking.  Mickey found the whole situation to be too much and decided to leave before the rose ceremony even took place.  I hope he doesn't regret that decision once he calms down and has a clear head again.  In the end one more had to go home and that man was Blake.  I can't help but think that it may have to do with their conversation on the balcony after Ashley told the guys about Bentley.  If anybody out there reading this knows Blake please feel free to let him know that I am interested and available!

Next week they are off to Taiwan where the drama is sure to continue...until then!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

SYTYCD Top 20 Take 2

After last weeks surprising results show where none of the dancers went home the pressure was on to hit it hard this week since 4 will be going home.  Without further ado, here is the breakdown of this incredible night of dance.

Ryan & Ricky (or should I say Rodderick?)-They danced a Mandy Moore jazz routine that called for some serious chemistry and sexual tension...and they definitely brought it.  Ryan had the sexy market cornered for sure and they both embraced the character.  The routine was full of power and hard hitting movements that made this the perfect way to kick off the show.

Caitlynn & Mitchell-They danced a drama filled contemporary routine that was full of pain and turmoil.  Both dancers have absolutely incredible technique but I couldn't take my eyes off of Caitlynn.  I always try to watch the pieces as a whole but this time I was just drawn to Caitlynn.  Let's hope this couple doesn't suffer another punch at the results show like Caitlynn took during that routine (no bleeding please).

Missy & Wadi-They danced a cha cha and it was painful to watch at times.  Missy did great with it...she could have had a little more hip action but overall very impressive.  Wadi on the other hand...this was so not his cup of tea.  I honestly don't think that there was one part of the routine where he excelled, other then lifts.  I know this isn't his style but if he wants to have any shot at winning this, or even staying around for a few more weeks, he HAS to improve substantially on EVERY aspect!

Iveta & Nick-The danced a Bollywood routine, which was good but not the best I've seen.  They did keep their energy up the whole way through and they have great chemistry together.  However, at times they seemed a bit out of sync and their movements didn't always match one another.  Overall it was good but not great.

Miranda & Robert-They danced an unusual NappyTabs routine and absolutely killed it, especially Miranda.  She seriously impressed me this week!  They both have great musicality and the routine was very hard-hitting yet still sharp and clean.  I hope these two don't find them in the bottom three again this week.

Clarice & Jess-They danced a contemporary routine that left a little to be desired.  They were each beautiful when dancing on their own but it was a different story when they came together.  They're missing the chemistry that they so desperately need so any dancing they did together felt a little awkward.  Their fate is up in the air this week.

Jordan & Tadd-They danced a beautiful Viennese Waltz....I really don't think there is anything bad I can say about it.  Tadd was such a surprise with the amount of grace he had and how gentle he was.  I will be shocked if they end up in the bottom three because this was just an absolutely gorgeous piece.

Melanie & Marko-They danced a really fun jazz number and honestly they are such a great pair that I expect great things from them...and they delivered.  They have a great trust and chemistry between them that made their personalities shine.  I think it's a safe bet to say that Melanie is an early favorite for many of us!

Sasha & Alexander-They danced a heart-wrenching NappyTabs routine and did it beautifully.  The dancing was impeccable but it was the emotion of it all that carried through the it should be.

Ashley & Chris-They danced an innovative broadway number and Chris was an absolute superstar!  The control, power, and precision he delivered was amazing.  Ashley was good but I felt like she wasn't fully embracing the character which made the piece suffer on her end.

So what do you guys think?  Who should stay and who should go?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Voice Live Ep.3

The week we encounter the semi-final round but first let's talk about the results from last week that we received at the top of the show.  America voted and saved Vicci Martinez from Team Cee Lo and he went on to also save Nakia.  Nobody should have been real surprised with either of those was pretty obvious if you ask me.  Then we come to the results for Team Adam and that's where things took a turn for the unexpected.  America voted to save Javier Colon (the obvious vote) but then Adam chose to save Casey Weston in a major shocker!  I was sure he would save Jeff Jenkins and I don't understand any part of his thinking in choosing to save Casey over Jeff.  If anyone reading this can explain that decision to me please go right ahead!

Now onto the performances from each team this week....

Team Christina
  • Frenchie Davis-She sang "Like A Prayer" by Madonna and did a great job with it.  She seemed to have a lot more confidence with this performance then she did the last time we saw her and she showed a lot of power and control throughout her performance.  However, I found the performance as a whole a little underwhelming until the very end.  It was a solid performance but still could have been kicked up another notch.
  • Beverly McClellan-She sang "The Thrill Is Gone" by B.B. King which is not what I expected but she definitely rocked it out.  We got to see a bit of a different side to her this week but I liked it.  There is no way that anybody can say that she is anything but talented.
Team Cee Lo
  • Nakia-He sang "What Do You Want From Me" by Adam Lambert and killed it!  He did it so much better then Adam Lambert ever did and it sounded so much better with him singing it!  There was so much power behind his performance and it was very reminiscent of a real rock star performance at a concert or an awards show.
  • Vicci Martinez-She sang "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence & The Machine which is such a great song!  She was a little slow and shaky to start but by the end she was a firecracker.  Her pronunciation of some of the words bothered me a little bit but there's no denying that it was a great performance.
Team Blake
  • Dia Frampton-She sang "Losing My Religion" by REM and I find myself looking forward to her performances the most just because I never know quite what she's going to do.  She does such an amazing job taking iconic songs and making them so original and unique!  She has grown so much and has so much more confidence in herself and what she is doing that you can't help but love her.
  • Xenia-She sang "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script.  She did it well but it was probably my least favorite performance of the show.  It was a little boring and there were a couple pitch issues when it came to the higher notes...I would say that it's a safe bet that this will be her last performance on this show as a competitor.
Team Adam 
  • Casey Weston-She sang "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston which I was very skeptical about when I first heard that this was the song choice.  Not just anyone can pull that song off and there's no middle ground to stand on.  She seemed very nervous when she started but grew more confident as the song progressed.  She managed to pull it off but I was left disappointed that it wasn't the jaw-dropping performance of that song I was hoping for.
  • Javier Colon-He sang "Fix You" by Coldplay which is such an amazing song in itself and he definitely did it justice.  I felt like I was at his concert watching his performance....he's just so engaging and has the ability to develop a connection with the audience so immediately.  He showed amazing control when it came to limiting the amount of runs he did, we all know how amazing he is and sometimes it's even more amazing when there's only one or two.  He is definitely the real deal (with and without the hat).
Everyone did a great job and it's going to be tough to see four of these performers go home tomorrow.  Who rocked it and who fell flat for you??

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bachelorette Ep5

This episode definitely had some unexpected twists and turns so bare with me as I navigate the episode to the best of my ability.

The 1-on-1 this week went to Ben F. which I was really happy about.  Ben F. really started to grow on me last week and this week just took leaps and bounds with me.  They have such a unique chemistry together and they are so incredibly comfortable together which is so great to see.  They relied on each other to make the day fun and exciting which I think they succeeded at.  They connected on such an emotional level, especially when Ben was talking about his dad and the struggle he's had with dealing with his grief the last few years.  Ashley verbally expressed her affection and attraction to him several times (although it was only to the camera), I mean when you say things like you "just want to jump on him" and that you feel like he's been your boyfriend for years it's probably a good sign.  Ben got the rose at the end of the night (which should have come as no surprise to any of you) and they finally shared the kiss that we had been waiting for the whole date.

The group date was pretty intense this week...which is to be expected since punches were involved very early on.  The actual fights were pretty intense...I'm not sure why Ashley thought that it would be a good idea to put these guys against each other and have them throw punches at each other.  Ashley completely freaked out when JP was getting pounded by was so obvious just how deep Ashley's feelings are for JP, even if she doesn't quite realize it yet.  I can't not talk about Ames, I mean the guy went to the hospital so I'm pretty sure he deserves a line or two in my blog.  Luckily it was just a mild concussion but he was so out of it he was actually funny!  I'm still not sure whether Ames is a pushover or just a super nice guy...thoughts?  I have to say that I'm surprised to see that Lucas was once again on the group date instead of getting some 1-on-1 time with Ashley but I have to say that his mini golf lesson with Ashley was absolutely adorable!  That was the first time I really saw a spark between them and I really hope that we see more of that in the near future!  Blake got the rose which was a tad surprising but not totally out of the blue, I did think that either Lucas or Ames would get it but I'm happy to see Blake stick around.

Then there was the dreaded 2-on-1 date with William and Ben C...I was really not happy that these two were the ones to go on this date because I like them both and didn't want to see one of them go home yet.  It didn't take long for Ashley to send Ben home...some might say that it was because of what William had told her about Ben wanting to do online dating when this was over but I think Ashley was looking for a reason to send Ben home.  She accepted what William said so immediately without even talking to Ben about it that there had to have been some other reason in the back of her mind to confirm her decision to send him home.  Ben didn't fight it either which makes me wonder why he just accepted it so easily...did he really want to go home and was looking for a way to get out?  Ashley realized by the end of the date that the spark that she so wanted to feel with William just wasn't there anymore and she made the tough decision to send him home as well.  I felt so bad to see him talk about everything in his exit interview...he was so hard on himself and it just broke my heart!  I really just wanted to give him a huge hug and let him know that things are going to be ok and that there is someone out there just waiting for him.  He has a little growing up to do but he's close to being there and I have no doubt that he'll find someone (I am available fyi).

This week's cocktail party and rose ceremony had a strange feel to was obvious to everyone that Ashley was somewhere else and was just off, what they probably don't yet realize is that it's all because of Bentley.  When Ashley was talking to Constantine I couldn't help but feel like he just wasn't really into her....there's just no chemistry there and I don't think he'll be around too much longer.  It's so obvious that Ashley has real feelings for JP and vice versa....she's just so afraid that he's going to hurt her like Bentley did that she's not letting herself really go there and that's not fair to her or JP.  I loved how Chris Harrison really laid it out straight and didn't sugar coat it with Ashley when it came to the topic of Bentley.  She really isn't being fair to all of the other guys by constantly thinking about Bentley and hanging on to him so tightly.  These guys are there for her and she's not giving them her full attention and true access to her heart...that's not right and really needs to stop ASAP!  Asking Chris to try and get Bentley back so she could talk to him was just too much for me....are you kidding me?  Ashley needs to wake up and realize that Bentley left and these guys are still here...focus on them and forget about the guy who chose to leave you!!  At the end of the day Nick didn't get the rose and was sent on his way...we never really got to see the two of them interact much and there didn't seem to be any real chemistry between them so I'm not very surprised.

Next week we are off to Hong Kong....and Bad News Bentley returns.  Let's all hope that Ashley finally sees Bentley for who he is and kicks him to the curb once and for all!