Monday, May 30, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.2

Just finished watching this weeks episode of the Bachelor and there were definitely some memorable moments.  Let's start with the first 1-on-1 date of the season....the lucky recipient being William.  Off to Vegas they go....and in style no less!  I have to admit...all of the wedding shopping was pretty adorable...especially when they fed each other the cake!  I have to give him serious props for going along with the whole thing...there are a lot of guys out there who wouldn't have been so cool and open to whatever is thrown his way.  Dinner on the water at the Bellagio fountains looked absolutely amazing and it was so great to see William really let his guard down and be vulnerable through telling Ashley about his father.  The two of them had such great chemistry and I'm so happy that he got the rose!  I think it's safe to say he's my first crush of the season.

Next came the group date and how awesome must it have been to be able to dance with the Jabbawockeez, let alone to dance in front of all of those people!  It was interesting to see the guys split in two groups and have to battle it out to stay and continue to spend time with Ashley.  Both groups were pretty bad but I have to agree with the decision of having No Rhythm Nation win....even if it did mean that Bentley got to stay.  The fact that Bentley got the rose kills me because there were two or three other guys there who I would have much rather seen receive that rose!  I just can't help but wonder how Ashley is completely blind to his true motives and how she doesn't see how insincere he looks every single time they are together.

Then came the date that was completely determined by repeated flips of a coin, with Mickey being the big winner from the very start.  I felt so bad for JP!  To come so close to getting that 1-on-1 and then seeing it all disappear with the flip of a coin must have seriously sucked!!  Mickey seemed kinda boring and flat for most of the almost seemed like he was using that coin as a crutch to help bring some type of excitement to the date.  I really hope there is more to his personality then what we saw tonight because if there isn't he won't be around much longer.  The only time I felt like I actually saw a glimpse of who he is was when he told Ashley about his mom.  He seems like a nice guy but I don't think there's a lot of chemistry between them...I see them as being more friends then romantically involved.  He did get the rose, although part of me wonders if Ashley really wanted to give it to him.  To cap off the night Colbie Caillat gave them a private concert and was it just me or did Mickey seem way more excited to see Colbie Caillat then he was to see Ashley??

Other random thoughts about this week:
  • Jeff says he’s taking the “stealth” approach by wearing the mask…clearly he doesn’t know what the word stealth means
  • I really like West but I'm still not convinced that he's completely over his late wife or whether he's truly ready to be looking for love again
  • JP got a kiss off a coin flip...not the most romantic of scenarios in my book
  • Jeff seemed even creepier tonight...I'm convinced he was watching Ashley kiss other guys.  I have to say that I do love the Phantom of the Opera music that is cued whenever he is shown by himself!
  • We came so close to seeing the big reveal....damn you Matt (you went home anyways so clearly what you had to say wasn't important enough to show up at that exact moment)!
  • Speaking of Matt....he called his mom AGAIN!!  Can't say I'm sad to see him go...his mom was more entertaining then he was!
I'll leave you with these Bentley gems of the week:
  • "I wouldn't mind if Ashley tickled my pickle"
  • "I would rather swim in pee then plan a wedding with her"
See you all next week when Bentley (hopefully) goes home and Jeff finally takes the mask off!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.1

It's Bachelorette season once again and with it comes the most shocking night one EVER (or so they say).  I have been a life long fan and I watch so much reality tv and have so many opinions that a few people have suggested I blog about it....well here you go!  I will be blogging about a variety of reality shows, with the Bachelorette at the top of the list.  So without further ado, sit back and buckle up for a fun ride.

I always find Night 1 to be fascinating because first impressions are more then critical and often have a huge impact on the rest of the season, including how I feel about them.  I'm going to cover the guys who received a rose last night first and then will touch on the guys who did not and why I think they were given the royal limo send off.

Guys Receiving a Rose
  • Ryan P~The recipient of the all illustrious First Impression Rose, appears to be passionate and positive, he's cute and has my vote thus far....definitely one to watch!
  • Lucas~Honestly I don't remember who this guy is, which leaves me wondering what he showed Ashley that we didn't get to see.  No lasting impression makes me think this guy won't be around very long.
  • J.P.~He's funny and he definitely had a moment with Ashley (as well as making me crave a cupcake), it could go somewhere or he could be in the next limo home.
  • Ames~I'm not a fan of this guy!  He seems incredibly full of himself and very cocky....and what was with the ballet tickets?  Lets just throw around some money and our multitude of degrees....this guy needs to go.
  • Ben C~The piano singing, French speaking, cards in the window guy.  He seems like a good guy and one who will go the extra mile to get Ashley's attention.
  • Ben F~The wine maker who made the nice move of bringing Ashley wine he made.  Definitely a good first impression (no match for his supposed look alike Josh Groban but good).
  • Bentley~Could there be a bigger jerk???  I mean COME ON....WAKE UP ASHLEY!!!  You were warned about him (from fellow Bachelor alum Michelle Money) and yet you let his good looks and charming smile completely override your jerk radar.  It's clear from the season previews that this guy isn't going anywhere any time soon....oh joy.
  • West~This guy is definitely one of my early favorites!  He's so sweet and sincere and I loved the compass idea!  I just can't help but wonder if he is truly ready to move on since it looks to me like he's still very much in love with his late wife.
  • William~Cute and sincere, nice move with the impressions...just not sure if he's going to make it very far into this.
  • Stephen~Again, not memorable....he will probably be gone soon.
  • Chris D~Creative intro but that's really as far as it went.
  • Matt~I like him but making a call to his mom was a little much.  What his mom had to say was hilarious but I spent more time wondering how he managed to keep hold of a phone instead of paying attention to what he actually had to say.
  • Jeff~Also known as "the mask".....this guy creeps me out.  I understand the reason he says he's doing it but really?  I think he's secretly auditioning to be the next Phantom of the Opera.
  • Nick~He's cute but the poem was a little cheesy.
  • Blake~Cute but not memorable.
  • Ryan M.~How did he manage to get a camera in?  Asking Ashley to take a picture of him with Chris Harrison, while understandable, probably wasn't the best way to kick of the night.
  • Constantine~Wasn't too sure about this guy at first but the dental floss bow was cute.
Guys Who Didn't Receive A Rose
  • Jon~Picking Ashley up was not the best idea and he definitely took it a little too far.  The most memorable thing about this guy is that he cried in his exit interview.  You've known this girl for like 5 seconds so if you are already that emotionally invested you have more pressing mental health issues to deal with then finding love.
  • Anthony~Weird and awkward, part of me wondered if he was going to pull out a meat cleaver and butcher someone at some point during the night.
  • Tim~Oh Tim, where do I even start??  First of all...could he be more awkward?  He was really awkward before he started drinking and didn't get any better once he was wasted.  I understand being nervous and having a drink or two throughout the night but he was completely trashed...and then fell asleep!  Ashley's theme for this season is "no regrets"....Tim can definitely not say the same!
  • Rob~Not memorable
  • Chris M~Not memorable
  • Frank~Dancing with her was cute....just not while she was up in the air like that.
  • Mike~He was cute and funny but didn't make a big enough of an impression.
Well there you have it run down of the guys and what my first impressions are.  I would love to here what you think so please comment and pass the link on!  Until next week....or the airing of another reality show worth blogging about.