Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!  With The Voice being over and The Bachelorette being a rerun it's been a week since I've had a new post.  I was super excited for this episode before it even began because I found out that Travis Wall was a guest judge last night!  My love for Travis Wall knows no end and this was definitely no exception!

The night began with a number by the Top 7 boys re-enacting the 7 stages of grief.  Had I not been given this explanation beforehand I probably wouldn't have known that is what is was about.  The piece was good but it didn't wow me.  The majority of my time was spent noticing how off Chris was....there were very few moments where he actually matched the other 6 guys.  He was continuously about two beats behind which lessened the effect of the piece dramatically.

Melanie & Marko-What can I say about these two that I haven't said a hundred times before?  They danced a jazz routine that was very passionate and commanding.  Technically they are leaps and bounds above everybody (especially Melanie) and the amount of confidence they come with is astounding.  I feel like I can safely say that these are the people to beat.

Sasha & Alexander-They danced a hip hop routine that was in my opinion very lacking in many areas.  Alex really wasn't successful in the "swag" area....I'm sure he tried but it just didn't come across.  There wasn't a connection anywhere to be found, whether it was between them, between them and the choreography, or them and the just wasn't there.  Sasha did come across more then Alex did but this is one number that won't be receiving my votes.

Jordan & Tadd-They danced a magical and dreamy waltz that for me left something to be desired.  Technically they were both very solid, although there were a few moments that seemed to be a little stop and go instead of continuously flowing.  I didn't feel that the emotion they were trying to convey came through, it was pretty to watch but I didn't feel anything at the end of it.

Clarice & Jess-They danced an anger-filled contemporary routine which turned out to be one of my favorite routines of the night.  It was a very emotional number but not in the usual sense where I end up tearing up at the was a very true reflection of what that situation is like and that's anger.  The emotions each of them conveyed was very honest, it wasn't forced and it wasn't fake.  These two improve each and every week and might be ones to look out for as the competition progresses.

Ashley & Chris-They danced a salsa routine that was anything but hot.  There was no chemistry between them and no chemistry between them and the audience.  There were many moments where they seemed to hesitate instead of being confident in what they were doing.  Technically they did the choreography (although Chris seriously needs to work on his hip action) but they just came up short.  I would be shocked if they weren't in the bottom 3 tomorrow.

Ryan & Ricky-They danced a zombie inspired jazz routine that was absolutely amazing!  This routine was so fun to watch and they brought an amazing amount of energy to it the entire way through.  They were very much in character the whole time and the synchronicity of the movement was impeccable!  If America knows what is good for them they will vote for these two and keep them safe tomorrow night!

Caitlynn & Mitchell-They danced a contemporary routine that was by far the best of the night and without a doubt my favorite.  The beauty and emotion was so present in every move they made, even the small ones Caitlynn would make with her foot while in a hold.  It gave me was amazing end of story.

The show closed with a Top 7 girls jazz routine that once again proved just how amazing the girls are this season.  When you put their number against the one the guys did in the beginning of the show it is obvious that the guys need to either step it up or move out of the way.

Who do you think is in trouble this week?  Let me know!

UPDATE---- Bottom 3: Ashley & Chris, Jordan & Tadd, and Ryan & Ricky
ELIMINATED---- Ashley and Chris

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