Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bachelorette: Men Tell All

Wow...what an intense night!  Between the Bachelor Pad sneak peak and what went on during the Men Tell All we have a lot to talk about!  Here we go!

Thoughts on Bachelor Pad sneak peak:
  • Holly & Blake or Michelle & Blake???  Is Blake really not the good guy he seems to be?
  • Michelle Money and Graham
  • Ames & Jackie/Jake & Jackie??
  • Vienna is still showing her true colors....big surprise
  • Vienna tries to turn the whole house against Jake before he even gets there...another big surprise (NOT)
  • Vienna is clearly more interested in the money then her so-called relationship with Kasey
Men Tell All
  • Everybody began attacking William right away
  • West compares Ryan P. to a puppy
  • William couldn't watch beyond episode 1
  • William seems to have really learned from his mistakes
  • Ryan P. reveals he bought 3 books of questions before coming on the show that he read cover to cover and made notes on to focus his discussions with Ashley
  • Ames said this experience has made him a better person and he just wants Ashley to be happy
  • Chris gives Ames the hot pink boxing gloves he wore when he got a concussion
  • Bentley declined to be there tonight
  • Blake calls Bentley a narcissist and a coward
  • Chris D. said Bentley should go f**k himself for what he did and how he acted
  • Ashley says the toughest part was seeing how badly everybody reacted to the Bentley situation
  • Ashley says her biggest regret was wasting so much time on Bentley
  • Bloopers were hilarious!
  • Ashley is happy with where she is right now

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