Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big Brother Ep.5

  • People suspect that Adam cut a deal with the veterans and voted to evict Keith
  • Adam and Dominic both said individually that they no longer want to play as a duo and are only going to play for themselves
  • Dominic is trying to get in with Danielle by flirting with her
  • Adam grovels to Jordan and Jeff
  • The Have/Have Not competition involved the pairs being "super ants" and looked pretty painful
  • Kalia thought she had really hurt her shoulder but got the all clear from the medic
  • Brendan and Rachel won the Have/Have Not competition and put Dominic, Adam, Cassi, and Shelly on slop for the week
  • America voted and chose to add jellybeans and jerky to the things those on slop can eat
  • Dominic went to Jordan and Jeff wanting to make a deal so they can play together but they aren't sure they can trust him
  • Jordan nominates Dominic and Adam for eviction

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