Monday, July 18, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.8

It's hometown date week and this is when things really get serious.  This week is often the make it or break it time where you can either see yourself fitting in with the family and into the other person's world or not.  This was probably my favorite episode of this season and there is a lot to talk about so we might as well just get down to it.

Ashley first went to Constantine's hometown and I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE his family!  What an amazing group of people!  The date started off with Constantine taking Ashley to his family's restaurant where they made pizza and salad for lunch.  He seemed so much more playful and confident then he has thus far and I am loving that side of him!  The line where he said "Is it getting a little cheesy in here?" while holding up the pizza cheese was epic!  Then to get to see him interact with his family and see how truly close-knit they are was great.  Ashley said that she feels like she really fits in with his family and can see herself having a life with him, and I might be starting to see it too.  Before tonight I really didn't see the connection between Constantine and Ashley but I'm finally starting to see it and I'm liking what I see.

Next was Ames' hometown and I have mixed emotions about what I saw.  His sister sees that Ames is "smitten" with Ashley and that Ashley feels something for him too but isn't sure it's the right thing.  She asked Ashley a lot of questions and to me it seemed like Ashley was very indirect in her answers and always ended up going back to how she likes what she sees but needs to know more about him.  Ashley repeatedly says that she is being reassured of Ames by his family but I feel like she shouldn't have to be reassured of these things, she should just know and trust in them by this point.  Ashley isn't feeling the passion and romance aspects with Ames and I think that came across to his sister because she then went on to tell Ames that he needs to step it up and show Ashley his romantic side, which he then does.  He takes Ashley on a picnic under a huge, beautiful magnolia tree and then on a carriage ride along the river which looked spectacular.  Ames definitely made a huge effort but I just didn't see it there between them.

Ben was up next and this was definitely the most heart wrenching of the dates.  They first go on this picnic to his winery which is like my dream date so I was ridiculously jealous of them at that moment.  Ben and Ashley have a really good talk before heading to his house and Ben shares that he feels confident in bringing Ashley home which is not usually the case.  Ashley then asked about what his dad would have thought if he had been able to meet her and Ben felt sure that he would have really liked her and you could immediately see how important that is to him.  Ashley says that she is most nervous about meeting Ben's family which shows me that she really cares about him and how he's feeling.  Ben shares with his family that he feels like it's effortless with Ashley and that he can see himself proposing to her at the end of this.  Then he sat down with his mom which made me completely lose it.  When he was talking about how he was right after his dad died and that he should have been a better son my heart completely broke.  It was in that moment that I really fell for Ben...seeing him like this made me realize that he is the kind of man that I want to be with and I think he's the kind of man Ashley wants to be with too.  Ashley said that she can see herself spending the rest of her life with him and I can see it too.

Last but not least was JP and I always look forward to seeing JP!  He took her roller skating which was absolutely adorable and they were so cute together.  It gave a little glimpse of what a regular date would be like for them and they looked like they belonged together.  She says that she feels lucky to be with him which is something you really only say when you're really falling for someone.  JP really started to lay all of his cards out on the table by telling her that he's 100% certain of his relationship with Ashley and that he is completely miserable when he's not with her.  This was a huge step for him because he's really starting to make his feelings known and putting his faith in his relationship.  He's clearly falling in love with Ashley and she is clearly falling in love with him.  He tells his family that he's willing to put himself out there because he thinks what he has with Ashley is the real thing and that he doesn't feel like he's going to get his heartbroken at the end of this.  He is very open to the idea of proposing to Ashley at the end of this if it feels right.  Ashley tells his mom that she is completely "smitten" with JP and knows that she has something very special with him.  There is no way I can close this hometown date without mentioning that picture JP's mom brought out at the end....oh the hair!  He was adorable then and he is even more adorable now.

Ashley's talk with Chris before the rose ceremony allowed her to shine a light on how she felt about each date.  Ashley felt Constantine's hometown date was the best one, Ames would be the best husband, Ben planned the perfect date, and JP's mom was the sweetest and their date went exactly how she wanted it to.  It should have been no surprise that Ames was the one who did not receive a rose; the passion and romance just wasn't there between them and it was just too forced.  You could tell that Ames was completely shocked but was nothing but a complete gentleman when saying goodbye to Ashley.  He then revealed when he was in the car that he had fallen in love with Ashley and felt numb by her rejection.  I felt so bad for him even though I knew she had made the right decision.

Next week they are off to Fiji and someone returns...any guesses as to who it is? (HINT-it isn't Bentley!)

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