Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big Brother Ep.2

I'm sure by now a lot of us have heard the news that Evel Dick is no longer in the competition and everybody wants to know why....well we don't know just yet.  We do however know that he has done a lot of the ground work for the veterans thus far which was one of the focuses of this episode.  Here are some of the highlights:
  • Porsche wants to team up with the veterans....lucky for her the veterans want to team up with her too.
  • We got a chance first hand to see Rachel's obsession/fascination with plastic surgery.  We also got to see how opposed to the whole concept Brendan is....seems like it could be a problem for them later on.
  • Rachel wants to know whether Cassi has had a nose job or Botox...she's sure she's had something done though.
  • "The Regulators" were formed...this group consists of Cassi, Lawon, Craig, and Dominic.
  • The Have/Have Not competition was a "milk-tastic" event and Cassie, Shelly, Lawon, and Kalia were left on the wrong side of the mooooooon (sorry, I had too)....hope the slop and sleeping situation doesn't get them too down.
  • The veterans decided they wanted Porsche and Adam on their side and made moves to recruit them.
  • Porsche and Keith were nominated for eviction.
  • Veterans want to get rid of Keith and give Porsche the "golden key" so she can help do their bidding.
Next episode we should find out more about Evel Dick's early departure as well as see the POV competition.

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