Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Brother Ep.1

It's summer and that means one thing...Big Brother.  Drama will not be lacking and confrontations are a given....even with the new twists this season.  Without further ado here are some of the highlights of the first episode of this long awaited season.

  • All house guests are forced to pick a partner to go through the game with.  Not only will they compete together but they will also go up on the block together.  This is a game where you want to choose your partner carefully which is hard to do when you've known each other for a matter of minutes.
  • There are 3 "Dynamic Duos" returning to the Big Brother house this season---Brendan and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan, and Evil Dick and Danielle.
  • Brendan and Rachel revealed they recently got engaged...seriously?  He must be stupider then I thought to honestly want to spend the rest of his life with her.
  • I'm really excited that Jeff and Jordan are back!  They are personal favorites of mine and I love seeing them together again.
  • Evil Dick and Danielle haven't spoken in 3 years (supposedly).  Now there is a very good chance that this is true...there's also a good chance that this is a rouse.  Only time will tell I suppose.
  • Adam is quickly becoming one of my favorites!  I'm loving that this tough, heavy metal loving guy drinks apple martinis and continuously makes Beverly Hills 90210 references.  I really hope he stays around for awhile!
  • The first HOH competition took place which involved contestants clinging onto a giant banana with their arms and legs....insert dirty joke of choice here.  Rachel was the winner and becomes the first HOH and is therefore safe this week along with Brendan.
  • One more twist was revealed at the end of the show....and that is the Golden Key.  The member of the duo put on the block who survives elimination receives a Golden Key which secures them a place in the Top 10.  This continues for the first 4 weeks of competition.  The recipient of the Golden Key cannot participate in any challenges but can vote in eliminations.  This adds another element to the nomination process because you aren't really trying to get someone out as much as trying to ensure that someone stays around.
Tune in Sunday to see who gets nominated and make sure to check back here later that night for my next blog!

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