Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It is Wednesday once again and the All-Stars are here!  Personally, I am very excited about having the All-Stars back because I think it just brings the dancing up so much more (plus I love seeing certain dancers again)!  Who stepped up to the plate and who fell flat?  Let's find out!

Marko-He danced an extremely fast samba with Chelsie Hightower.  I had wondered whether he may lose some of his magic when he and Melanie were split up but he definitely did not!  He had amazing footwork and was really moving those hips!  He is continually showing just how versatile he is and I would not be surprised if he sticks around for a very long time.

Jordan-She danced a very difficult contemporary routine with Brandon.  I always knew she was a great dancer but this was the first week where I really realized just how amazing she really is.  Her technique was fantastic, she was strong and powerful, and she felt what she danced.  I agree with Nigel, America needs to wake up and see just how great this girl is.

Tadd-He danced a super fast paced hip hop routine with Comfort.  It's no secret that I really don't care for Comfort, lucky for me she was completely out-danced tonight!  He had fantastic timing and really showed his stuff with all of that choreography.  There was so much going on and he never missed a beat...incredibly impressive!

Mitchell-He danced a broadway number with Melody and in my opinion he fell way short.  He completely over-performed the whole routine and took the "cheese factor" way too far.  Broadway just does not seem to be his style and I think he's in trouble this week. (BTW-who noticed Neil Patrick Harris diss Tyce's choreography?  Oh snap!)

Caitlynn-She danced a sensual Argentine Tango with Pasha which was easily one of my favorite routines of the night!  Tonight was the night that she took her dancing and the competition to another level.  Her technique was remarkable and I really felt the story that they were trying to convey.  I have a feeling that this routine will stand the test of time and become one of the best of the season.

Sasha-She danced an amazing Christopher Scott hip hop routine with Twitch (one of my personal favs) and once again it was easily one of the best of the night!  They had so much chemistry together and you could feel the fighting spirit all through the number.  She had amazing musicality and technique, she definitely shined tonight!

Jess-He danced a contemporary routine with Kathryn and it was one of my favorites that he has done thus far.  He dealt with all of those lifts like a champ and really was a great partner.  I could feel the emotion that he was trying to convey and he helped make a relate-able routine even more relate-able.

Melanie-She danced a Viennese Waltz with Pasha that had a beautiful message to it.  I don't think this routine had a single downfall; it had a constant flow of movement and emotion.  It seemed effortless and Melanie danced weightlessly.  I don't know how she does it each and every week but she is definitely the one to beat!

Ricky-He danced a fearful contemporary routine with Alison and I think this was one of the first weeks that we really saw Ricky shine.  He matched Alison move for move and was not out-danced like some of the other contestants tonight.  He embraced his character instead of fighting it and allowed his movement to be powerful and raw.  I was very impressed with him tonight!

Clarice-She danced an intricate Bollywood number with Robert (another fav of mine) and did it remarkably well.  I don't think there was anything she could have done to perform better; she had high energy and hit all her marks and steps.  I'm still just missing that connection with her...she danced fabulously but to me it felt disconnected.  If other people feel the same way she could be in trouble.

What a night!  I think the All-Stars definitely raised the bar and most of the dancers met them.  It's going to be tough seeing some of these dancers in the bottom 4 tomorrow night...I have a feeling we may be in for a surprise!

Bottom 4: Clarice, Mitchell, Ricky, and Jordan
Going Home: Clarice and Mitchell

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