Monday, July 11, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.7

The Bachelorette is back again!  After a break in the action due to the 4th of July last week we have returned with an emotion filled episode!  On top of the main episode with Ashley and the guys, Chris Harrison also did an interview with Emily Maynard about her relationship with Brad Womack and what exactly went wrong.  I'm going to cover Ashley's part first and then get into Emily's we go!

This week we join them in Taiwan and there are 3 1-on-1 dates and 1 group date....there are no roses on the 1-on-1's but there was one on the group date, which made the group date even more awkward then it was to begin with.

The first date was with Constantine and they took a train ride into this little village to participate in their lantern festival.  They decorated one of the lanterns by putting their "love wishes" on each side of it.  Constantine impressed me with how seriously he took it and how into it he actually was.  At dinner Constantine and Ashley had a big discussion about what a hometown date would hold and how it might change their relationship.  Constantine expressed his openness to the idea of marriage and of this relationship working.  It really seemed to be a turning point in their relationship.  Thus far it has been a very slow progression but I think they took a big step this week.  I'm still not sure if I really see a lot of chemistry between them though...they may just be destined to remain in the friend zone.

The next date went to Ben and they took to exploring by moped.  Ben was pulling out a lot of smooth lines (which was adorable) and they looked very natural riding together, they seemed to fit together.  Ben made a comment to the camera that he was falling in love with Ashley but wasn't ready to tell her yet....even though he definitely hinted around it throughout their dinner.  Ashley then told the camera that she felt like Ben was her boyfriend...and I can totally see it!  They just work together and I can see them in real life so easily.  Ben is becoming so much more confident as this process goes on and I think he may be standing there at the end.

The group date was next up and it was beyond awkward.  We had JP, Lucas, and Ames together and Ashley had them meet her to go take wedding photos.  If JP wasn't in a bad mood already he definitely was now.  Each guy was dressed differently (JP in the traditional tux, Ames in some bad 80's tux that involved ruffles, and Lucas in a traditional Asian outfit) and JP was the only one happy with what he was wearing.  Having the guys watch the other as they took the photos with Ashley (and ultimately kissed her) was just beyond awkward.  JP's jealousy really began to show this week and it wasn't the most attractive thing we've seen from him.  I didn't think he would be the one to let it get to him so much but then again it's often the ones I think are doing well that really aren't.  He told Ashley about how much of a hard time he was having with everything and she really wanted to reassure him so she gave him the rose to ensure a hometown date with him, much to the disappointment of Lucas and Ames.  I think JP is feeling so much jealousy because he's so invested in this relationship but he needs to get it under control and fast.

The last date this week was with Ryan and you could tell from the very beginning that it wasn't going to end well.  They started off walking through a temple and among all of these people praying to various gods.  Ryan thought it to be a romantic experience....not really seeing the romantic aspect to this one personally.  They then stopped to make a wish to the matchmaking god.  In order to do so they had to make a wish and then throw two bricks on the ground, if the bricks turned up in opposite directions then their wish would come true...their bricks turned up the same way.  This should have been the first sign of bad things to come...Ryan didn't see it that way though.  By this time however, it was obvious that Ashley was not into Ryan at all.  Then when he started talking about water heaters it was just a matter of time before the crash and burn happened.  As much as I knew that they weren't right for each other, having Ryan say "You don't want to meet my family?" with that look in my eyes broke my heart.  He is truly a sweet and sincere guy and I'm sure he'll find someone to spend the rest of his life with, that girl just isn't Ashley.  Ashley ultimately made the decision to send Ryan home before the rose ceremony even though she was questioning her decision almost immediately.  I'm sure she'll come to realize that she made the right choice and see that while Ryan is a great guy he isn't the one for her.

The rose ceremony was short and sweet this week.  Ashley came into it knowing what she wanted to do so there was no need for a cocktail party.  In the end Lucas was the one to not receive a rose.  I can't say this surprised much as I love Lucas and no matter how great of a guy he is there just wasn't that romantic spark between them.  They would make amazing friends but that romantic box just was never checked.  I will definitely miss seeing Lucas each week but know he'll find someone wonderful.

Now comes time to talk about Chris' interview with Emily...and it breaks my heart to have had to watch that.  Personally, I thought that they would be one of the couples to make it.  I never thought that I would have to watch that tear-jerking interview...but the reality of the situation is that they are no longer together.  It seems like it was a very painful breakup but not an ugly one.  So many people have all of these misconceptions of the breakup thanks to the tabloids but it doesn't seem like it was any one ugly event.  The fact that Emily was tearing up before she even got out of the limo made me grab some tissues ASAP.  She made it clear right from the start that she had nothing bad to say about Brad and would not tolerate anyone else saying anything bad about him.  She said that there were some little red flags along the way which ultimately made her doubt whether he would want to be with her forever.  She didn't have complete faith that their love would allow their relationship to stand the test of time and it seems that that was the straw that broke the camels back.  Emily revealed that they still talk frequently and it is clear that she still loves him and I'm sure he feels the same way about her.  The question was posed whether things would have turned out differently had they not been constantly hounded by the paparazzi...and while we will never know what the outcome could have been I think it is safe to say that it would have been a lot easier without the interference of the paparazzi and the tabloids.  I hope that these two can come to a place where they are not only friends but find happiness, regardless of whether it is with each other or someone else.

Next week we have the hometown dates which are always a source of interesting events and lots of emotions.  Until then!

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