Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well the finale is here...where did the time go?  We have a fantastic final four and tonight was a fight for what they all we go one last time.

Marko/Melanie-They started off with a fun and fast disco number.  It was good but the lifts were a little shaky and there were a few moments where I thought he was going to drop her...not their best routine.

Sasha/Mark-They danced a contemporary routine that was full of determination and intent.  Sasha danced forcefully and really laid it all out there, she's not playing games tonight.

Tadd/Joshua-They danced a Lil' C hip hop routine that was very hard-hitting.  Even though Tadd could work on his facial expressions a little more I still think that I would say that he out-danced Joshua.

Melanie/Robert-They danced a beautiful contemporary routine that gave me chills.  It really told a story and reminded everyone why they fell in love with Melanie from the very beginning.

Sasha/Marko-They danced a broadway routine that was a lot of fun and let each of them show a character (which they did rather well).

Sasha/Tadd-They danced a Mark Ballas Cha-Cha routine that for me was one of the worst of the night!  I really can't find anything positive about this; there was no connection to speak of and there was very little technique (and what was there wasn't very good).  Any Sasha or Tadd fans might need to be a little worried because of this one!

Marko/Lauren-They danced a beautiful contemporary routine that really told a story.  They connected with both the audience and each other while at the same time bringing the audience into their world as they danced...spectacular!

Tadd/Melanie-They danced a jazz-esque routine that was amazing!  Their characters were spot on from before they even began to dance and it was just so much fun to watch.  This was definitely a redemption piece for Tadd!

Melanie/Sasha-They danced an incredible, emotion-filled contemporary number that had amazing musicality to it.  It evoked feelings of isolation and loneliness and pulled at the heartstrings of everyone that watched.

Marko/Tadd-They closed the show with a stepping number that was painful to watch.  The timing was off, there was no synchronicity, and didn't do either of them any type of justice.

So there you have it....the finale.  Who is going to take it?  My guess is the same as it has been all season...Melanie!!  Make sure you check back tomorrow for all the results/reactions!


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