Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It is Wednesday once again and this week of SYTYCD is more important then ever because whoever makes it through this week gets to go on tour.  It is also the first week where each couple has had two dances to perform...did they hold up under pressure?  Let's find out!

Sasha & Alexander-Their first dance was a paso doble which was stronger then I expected it to be.  It got a little sloppy at the very end but the rest of the dance was solid and full of fight.  Their second number of the night was absolutely amazing!  Even though she fell at the end of it she made it work for the number.  It was hands down their best number of the competition and one of the best of the night.

Jordan & Tadd-They started off their night with a Travis Wall contemporary routine which was absolutely amazing (as usual).  They had such great musicality and technique!  It was such a strong routine and it really showed that both of these dancers are powerhouses!  Their second dance of the night was a broadway number that paled in comparison to their first routine.  It's not that it was bad, it just wasn't great.  I didn't feel anything when I watched it, it was just a lot of good technique.

Ryan & Ricky-They danced a broadway routine which was less then stellar.  I'm not sure whether it really lies with the choreographer or the dancers but it didn't sparkle.  I felt like Ryan was better then Ricky in this routine; I felt like she embraced the character of it more and was much more mesmerizing then Ricky was.  I honestly couldn't tell you what Ricky did because my eyes almost never went to him.  They then danced a ridiculously fast cha cha number that was hot but could have been hotter.  Ryan was a little sloppy while Ricky was super surprising by being very tight and strong.  I think they could be in trouble this week.

Caitlynn & Mitchell-They danced a hip hop routine with a very serious and powerful message intended to be behind it.  I felt like it fell short though; it wasn't as hard hitting at times as I felt it should have been and they weren't in unison as much as they should have been.  They didn't move together which took away from the piece and lost some meaning in translation.  However, they completely redeemed themselves with their second number!  It was a Travis Wall jazz routine and it was AMAZING!  There was so much intensity and fire to of the best routines of the night!

Melanie & Marko-They started off with a very difficult tango routine by Louis van Amstel that they did very well.  The final lift was absolutely breathtaking!  There were a few shaky moments here and there but nothing big enough to take away from how impressive they were during this routine.  They then danced a gorgeous contemporary routine that just took my breath away.  It was so full of genuine emotion and feeling that I couldn't take my eyes off of them.  Amazing routine, amazing dancers, amazing everything...I'm going to be sad to see these two split up.

Clarice & Jess-They had a lyrical hip-hop number to start the night off and it was a really great number.  I felt like Christopher Scott choreographed a very relatable number and the dancers held up their end of the bargain.  I did feel like Jess was better then Clarice in this particular number but they both were solid all the way through.  They closed the show with a jive which was good but not the best I've seen.  I felt like once again Jess was better than Clarice.  Clarice had a few mis-steps throughout the routine and her flicks weren't as strong as Jess' were.

What a night of dance!  It's going to be tough to see two people go home tomorrow and see the pairs split up but I am really excited to see who the all-stars are and see how high they can raise the level of dance like they did last year.

Bottom 3: Caitlynn/Mitchell, Ryan/Ricky, Sasha/Alexander
Going Home: Ryan and Alexander

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