Monday, August 8, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Ep.1

Well the Bachelorette may be over but the Bachelor Pad is back and more dramatic than ever!  At this point we all know who the cast is (and if you don't feel free to consult my blog and you soon will) so I think I'll skip over all of the small talk and intros and dive right into the heart of the matter!  Yes ladies and gentleman....Jake and Vienna.  Now before I get into that encounter let me just say that I have always been Team Jake and will always be Team Jake...if you are looking for someone to defend Vienna I'm not your girl.  Vienna started playing the scared/vulnerable card immediately...and not well I might add.  She's trying to turn the entire house against Jake before he even gets there...and the sad thing is that a lot of people are buying the crap she is shoveling at them.  Come on people...I thought you were smarter than that!  I think that Jake came into this with true intentions and tried to start that right's not his fault he was shut down.  He tried talking to Kasey and clearing the air but was dismissed rather quickly...thanks for filling his head with your lies Vienna.

The first challenge of the game took place the next morning and it involved the contestants pairing up and getting rather close to each other.  The game was called "hook-up" and the guys were harnessed and had to hold on to the girls who were straddling them.  Sounds fun but turned out to be extremely physical.  It came down to two pairs....Kasey/Vienna and Jake/Jackie.  As much as Vienna tried to put the pressure on Kasey not to let her drop, he ultimately did just that and Jake and Jackie not only won the competition but immunity for the first elimination.  Vienna was not at all happy about this and really took it out on Kasey.  She was so mad at him for letting go of her when he physically couldn't hold on anymore.  She said that he broke his promise to her and that he wasn't doing what he said he would.  Maybe their relationship isn't as strong as they would like to think it is.

Since Jake and Jackie won the competition they also got to go on a date together and ended up at the El Capitan.  On their way there, they ran into this little girl who was overwhelmed by seeing Jake.  She came up to him crying and he was so sweet to her and really gave her the attention that she so wanted.  That is the Jake that I know and love!  They have dinner over the marquee which must have been incredible!  Jake opened up to Jackie and told her the story of his relationship with Vienna and subsequent breakup and Jackie responded really well to what he was saying and saw that he was being genuine.  Then came the discussion of who to give the third rose to and Jackie brings up the idea of giving it to Vienna as a type of peace offering (are you freaking kidding me?).  Jackie soon lets the pressure of this decision get to her and turns all the power and decision making up to Jake.  He ultimately decided to give it to Vienna, much to the dismay of Gia and almost everyone in America.  He pulls Vienna and Kasey aside to talk after he gave her the rose and apologizes for how he reacted during the "Break-up Special" and admits that he was wrong to act the way he did.  He was being so sincere and genuine and she's sitting there thinking that this is torture and how his apology makes her sick.  He was trying to get closure and she was being a witch (per usual). I seriously just want to slap her silly!

Then comes elimination night....people who thought they were safe aren't and people who didn't think they were might be.  Kasey and Gia make a secret alliance not to vote the other out...and they don't plan on telling Vienna (she is the one leading the charge to get Gia out after all).  Many see Alli as someone who is playing both sides and that is putting her in serious jeopardy of going home.  Many also see Justin as someone who is playing the middle/swing vote and is also seriously being considered to be eliminated.  Blake is trying to get the votes to get Kasey out in order to split up the pairing of Vienna and Kasey apart....Gia however is reluctant to do so because she said she wouldn't vote for him.  Ultimately, despite all of the scheming the two voted out are Justin and Alli....I guessing playing both sides really doesn't pay.

Make sure you turn in next week for more drama!!

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