Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.6 can cut the drama with a knife.  We have BadNewsBentley back along with some intense dragon boat racing, a lot of hurt egos, and one guy leaving before the rose ceremony even occurs.  We might as well just dive right in to the gigantic pool of drama that was this episode.

We might as well just start off with the giant douche bag in the room....BadNewsBentley.  First of all, that kiss was majorly sibling awkward.  Bentley said a whole lot of nothing the entire time....probably because he was trying to cover his ass (unsuccessfully I might add).  When he did finally speak he pulled out gems like "I employ you to see what is here"...WTF?!?  Then FINALLY Ashley woke up and saw Bentley for the jerk he really is.  I think my favorite part (aside from when she talked to Bentley via the camera at the end) was when she told him that he "needs to be a man and admit that it's done".  It might have taken her awhile but she got there and that's what really matters in the end.

Lucas got the first date and I was glad to see that he finally got some time with her!  The date seemed a little slow to start but it was obvious early on just how comfortable they were with each other.  I could definitely see them in every day life based off of how their energies combined so well together.  The dinner on the boat looked absolutely about a romantic setting!!  Lucas really opened up when he told Ashley about his marriage and subsequent divorce and I think that let Ashley start to really see who this guy is and what he's all about.  He did get the rose and I have to say it was absolutely adorable watching them dance...Ashley says that she feels protected with Lucas, we'll just have to wait and see if that turns in to more.

Next came the group date, luckily nobody ended up in the hospital with a concussion this week.  The competitive edge wasn't gone however since they were racing dragon boats.  They were split up into 3 groups of 2 (lucky Blake got stuck with Ryan) and were challenged to go out into the streets and recruit people to be on their team and compete in the race with them.  This presented challenges for Ben and seems as though nobody was willing or interested in helping them out.  Unfortunately it didn't get any better for them because they lost...terribly.  They did have a few good sound bites however...for example "Dude we're getting smoked" "Like salmon bro".  Ultimately Ames and Mickey were victorious and claimed the trophy.  Once they got to their second destination Ames stole Ashley away into an elevator where he then proceeded to very unexpectedly make out with her.  You could tell it took Ashley off guard but good for him for going after something he wanted.  I still don't really see anything between them but we shall see.  It was very obvious from the time Ben spent with Ashley that the chemistry that was there on their date last week was still there and very much alive.  Unfortunately, Ryan scored the rose once again which left the guys completely confused.  Like them I really don't see what Ashley sees in him, clearly there is something because he continues to get the rose week after week.

JP got the second individual date, which was his second date with Ashley.  I love JP and each and every week without fail he makes me fall for him even more and I'm sure Ashley feels the same way.  There really isn't much for me to say about the first part of their date because I was just caught up in how amazing they are together and how real what they have is.  Ashley did decide to tell JP about Bentley because she wants to be completely honest in her relationship with him which I really commend her on.  I'm sure it was hard for her to say and equally as hard for him to hear but he took it so well, with so much understanding and grace that you can't help but love him.  JP and Ashley have really build a very solid and pure foundation for their relationship and I really think that they could go the distance.

Then came the cocktail party and rose ceremony...which went any way but the way Ashley had anticipated.  She decided to tell the rest of the guys about Bentley thinking they would take it the same way JP did...they didn't.  Constantine and Lucas were really fired up and visibly hurt by what she said and didn't even try to hide it.  JP came to Ashley's defense and Ryan played it cool...which I question because that isn't the reaction I would expect.  There's a fine line between understanding and not caring and at this point I'm not sure which side Ryan is on.  Blake was very standoff-ish towards Ashley but did try to comfort Ashley when she got visibly upset; I respect him for being able to comfort her but still verbalize how he was feeling without blowing up.  I think part of the problem in this whole situation was that Ashley didn't really know how to verbally convey what she was feeling and it came out differently then she wanted it to.  It was such a shock and a slap in the face to these guys that they reacted without thinking.  Mickey found the whole situation to be too much and decided to leave before the rose ceremony even took place.  I hope he doesn't regret that decision once he calms down and has a clear head again.  In the end one more had to go home and that man was Blake.  I can't help but think that it may have to do with their conversation on the balcony after Ashley told the guys about Bentley.  If anybody out there reading this knows Blake please feel free to let him know that I am interested and available!

Next week they are off to Taiwan where the drama is sure to continue...until then!


  1. You are misreading Bentley. He's actually a good guy:

  2. Who would defend Bentley?

  3. Apparently this person...I'm sorry but you can talk all you want...there is no redeeming this guy.