Monday, July 25, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.9

We jet off to Fiji this week for overnight dates and a visit from a surprise guest.  This week was very much a deciding week for not only Ashley but for these guys.  Off to Fiji we go!

I might as well just get the matter of the surprise guest out of the way first because clearly it is a main talking point regarding this week's episode.  The guy who returned was none other then Ryan...he just won't go away will he?  Now I know that many of you like Ryan and it's not that I dislike him, I just don't really trust him.  There is something not quite right about him and I just can't seem to put my finger on's just a feeling.  Anyways, he came back because he felt like their one-on-one date wasn't a "conducive environment for romance".  He felt like there were a lot of things that were left unsaid and that they needed more time to develop the "special connection" that they had from the start.  He came back to ask Ashley for more time to see if she feels what he feels.  Ultimately Ashley reaffirmed to Ryan that she knows she made the right decision by letting him go the first time and it just isn't there with him.

Ben was first up for a date this week and I am absolutely smitten with him!  I mean honestly, can he be any more adorable?  Their date was very flirtatious and full of lots of laughter...Ashley even compared their date to how newlyweds act on their honeymoon.  Ashley says more then once that she can really see herself spending the rest of her life with him and I'm pretty sure she isn't the only one!  Ben is completely in love with Ashley and even if he hadn't said it to the camera it was completely written all over his face.  He might not have told Ashley directly but I think she could tell that he had very deep and serious feelings for her and you could tell that those feelings were returned on her part.  He accepted the fantasy suite card and the rest of their night was as they say, history.

Constantine was up next and he was like a kid in a candy store when he saw that helicopter.  He seemed more excited about the helicopter then he was to see Ashley, never a good sign.  He is definitely more closed off then either Ben or JP and I constantly wonder whether he is capable of taking the big leap that is required when you fall in love with someone.  I don't think he would be ready at the end of this to say he loves Ashley and accept all that comes with that.  He isn't in love with Ashley at this point and I find myself wondering what he does feel for her, does he feel anything at all?  This all leads to Constantine saying that this is the end of the road for him and choosing to leave.  I respect him for doing what he knew was right and not forcing anything or pretending there was something when there wasn't.

Last but certainly not least we have Ashley's date with JP.  There is just this unspeakable connection and chemistry between them that is undeniable.  Ashley says that JP has been her rock throughout this whole experience and that is a very important quality to have in a relationship, to know that you can go to that person and that they will be there to support you no matter what.  When JP looks at Ashley he sees the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with and even though he says he's falling in love with her, I think it's safe to say that he's already fallen.  I feel like Ashley spent part of the night reassuring both JP and herself of what was going on and what they needed to focus on....this gave me a bit of a pause because reassurance shouldn't be necessary.  JP was offered the fantasy suite card and gladly accepted the offer to spend some real alone time with "the woman he loves".

Even though there are only two guys left Ashley felt like it was important to still have a rose ceremony.  She realizes that this is a two-way street and only wants them to accept the rose if they both see themselves on the path to potentially getting engaged in a week.  It is of no surprise that they both accepted the rose.

Make sure you tune in on SUNDAY for the Men Tell All and then again on MONDAY for the finale!  Who is Ashley going to choose?

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