Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We are to the Top 6 and next week is the finale...can you believe it??  I know I was gone last week (as was my blog) but I had a date with a man named Josh may have heard of him (and if you haven't shame on you).  However, I am back and so is my blog so without further ado...on with the show!

Melanie & Twitch-They did a NappyTabs routine that was very hard-hitting.  There was complete commitment to the movements and it was nice to see Melanie sink her teeth into a piece that is a little more gritty and rough.

Sasha & Kent-They danced an absolutely beautiful contemporary number.  It was so emotional and told such a beautiful story...and the use of that wall was breathtaking!

Marko & Janette-They danced a paso doble that overall went very well.  Marko lost his footing a couple times but never let it detract from the rest of the routine.  It wasn't bad, it just wasn't my favorite.

Tadd & Ellenore- They danced a Sonya Tayeh routine involving a chandelier and I have to say that it wasn't one of the better ones she has choreographed.  I didn't feel the connection between the dancers and the audience which left me feeling like something was missing.  The technique however was great and showed just how fearless these dancers have to be.

Ricky & Jamie-They danced a contemporary routine that was very free flowing.  Ricky once again had the problem of dancing too high; he really needs to feel the movement through his entire body.  He's great technically but the fact that he doesn't really get into the movement completely takes away from the magic a little.

Caitlynn & Pasha-They danced a very hot samba!  They had such amazing chemistry together and I was so impressed with how much Caitlynn's technique had improved!  It was really a turning point for her in this just may be too little too late.

Sasha & Ricky-They danced the first ever wacking routine on SYTYCD and it was definitely a new experience.  For me it was a little lackluster and just seemed to be missing something.  Sasha was better then Ricky but neither of them were fantastic.

Melanie & Tadd-They danced an amazing broadway number choreographed by Tyce.  I absolutely LOVED the use of the mirror in this piece and it really gave Melanie a chance to show that not only is she a phenomenal dancer but also a great actress.  Tadd was completely overshadowed in this piece and I honestly don't really remember much of what he did...never a good sign.

Caitlynn & Marko-They closed out the night with a jazz routine and for me it was the best routine of the night!  It had such true emotion and Caitlynn took another huge step towards where she needs to be heading.  Everything about this piece was magical.

Who do you guys think is going home?  It's going to be a tough one this week but 2 have to go!

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