Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Finally!  Live So You Think You Can Dance episodes have arrived!  Let's not waste anymore time and get down to it!

  • Jordan and Tadd performed an African Jazz routine and what a way to start out the show!  They had so much power and energy and gave more then I think anyone really expected.  There were one or two moments where the timing appeared to be slightly off between the two but nothing enough to take away from the great performance they gave.
  • Sasha and Alexander performed a Travis Wall contemporary routine so you knew right away it would be amazing!  They both danced it beautifully (as they should have since it was right within both of their wheelhouses). 
  • Clarice and Jess danced a broadway routine choreographed by Tyce and while they were both great Jess really stole the show in my opinion.  He was so animated and joyful, Clarice just wasn't able to quite match him.
  • Ryan and Ricky danced a lyrical hip hop number which I loved.  There was a bit of confusion about why Ryan was smiling but I don't think it took away from how great the number was.  They both danced it beautifully!
  • Caitlynn danced a jazz routine with Season 7 alum Robert due to Mitchell injuring his elbow in rehearsal.  This was definitely one of the best routines of the night!  Robert was amazing of course but Caitlynn really brought it!  She attacked this number head on and was so strong and powerful with every move she made.  She's one to watch!
  • Miranda and Robert danced a jive which was actually done fairly well.  Robert definitely stole the show when it came to energy and personality; Miranda needs to step it up with the confidence or she's not going to make it very far.  The flicks could have been a little sharper and Robert does need to point his toes but all in all I was impressed.
  • Missy and Wadi danced a jazz routine with some amazing choreography!  I felt that Missy out danced Wadi in certain places in the number but he definitely held his own in a style that is completely unfamiliar to him.
  • Melanie and Marko danced an unbelievable contemporary piece by Travis Wall!  I got chills watching it and was without a doubt the stand out number of the night!  They have such chemistry together and it was just mesmerizing.
  • Ashley and Chris did a hip hop routine and they were definitely expected to bring it.  It was a solid performance but the emotion shown on their faces didn't completely match the storyline they were portraying in the piece.  Nothing real memorable for me.
  • Iveta and Nick had the dreaded quickstep and I think it's pretty safe to say that they will both survive this one.  She clearly had the advantage with this one since she is a champion ballroom dancer but I was so impressed with Nick!  He was AMAZING!!!
All in all it was a great first night of competition and it'll be interesting to see who goes home tomorrow night!

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