Monday, June 6, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.3

Wow...what an episode!  There is so much to talk about....1.5 pages of notes on Word to be exact!  Drama was the word of the week where this episode is concerned and don't worry, this blog will not shy away from drama or being opinionated.

The first date went to Ben C. (or Bency as I and so many others like to call him).  This date was really cool...I kind of want to be part of a flashmob now.  I have to give him props for going along with the whole dancing in a public place with everybody watching thing...I have a feeling a lot of guys would have acted like they were too cool to do that (I know many in fact that would act just like that).  I can honestly say that Ben and Ashley really look like a couple.  When they were standing there listening to the Far East Movement and Ben had his arms around Ashley it looked so natural.  I can really see them being a couple in the real world, they have great chemistry.  Obviously Ashley agrees because Ben in fact got the rose.  I'm really starting to like Ben...he's definitely becoming more of a front runner for me.

The big reveal was a big let down (not only for me but clearly for Ashley as well)!  It was obvious that Ashley was not attracted to him at all (it's never a good sign when the person you are trying to impress thinks that you look older then she originally thought).  Personally, I don't find Jeff attractive at all so I'm so not surprised that Ashley felt the same.  There was no spark and no hope there.

Next was the disastrous group date.  First of all, WHO THE HELL CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA??  This was a major fail....there could be no good outcome to a date that involves roasting the girl that you are trying to win over!  Most of the guys played it safe by just going after the other guys and those who did take a jab at Ashley kept it to Ashley's breast size (or lack there of as the case proved to be).  Then there was William....could he have been a bigger idiot??  I think he just got so wrapped up in his excitement about the comedy aspect that he completely lost sight of what he was saying and the impact his words would have on Ashley.  While I completely agree with the fact that he was a complete jerk I still like him...a lot.  There's just something about him that I really like and I think this is something that he and Ashley can work through and move past.  He was clearly destroyed by the reality of what had happened and that said it all for me.  Ryan P got the rose because he was really the only one who comforted her when she was clearly upset and I totally agree with him getting the rose.  I don't know if I completely see them together but we shall see

The real villain of the date in my opinion was Bentley.  He saw Ashley feeling hurt and crying as another fact he even said "I'm not going to miss an opportunity to mess with her head".  She's sitting there pouring her heart and insecurities out to him (when in reality he is every single one of her fears come true).  I wanted to shake her when she still was oblivious even when he said "Out of 25 guys I can guarantee that 24 were excited it was you"....HELLO!!  What more did she need to realize he was that 1 person who didn't want it to be her??  Then when Ashley decided to tell Bentley about what Michelle Money had told her prior to the show and he completely avoided giving her a straight answer she was still in Bentleyland!  He never actually denied what was said about him and all she could do was give him the "I'm totally in love with you" look.  AHHH!

Speaking of Bentley....the moment we have all been waiting for finally arrived!  First of all, let me just say that using his daughter as his excuse to leave is a new low even for him!  There is NO EXCUSE for using your own child as a scapegoat to cover your own lies!  I feel sorry for that little girl and hope that she never has to see her father in that light...I hope he changes before she's old enough to realize how big of an ass her father is.  When a guy is about to break a girls heart and is more concerned with how his hair looks you know he's a real piece of work.  I wanted to punch him in the face SO HARD during that entire "break up" scene....he makes me sick and I am SO SO SO glad that I don't have to set eyes on him next week.  Ashley wonders whether her instincts were wrong....DUH!!!!  Good riddance and bye bye Bad News Bentley!

JP got the 2nd date and at first I felt bad that his date had to follow that whole mess but it actually turned out alright.  The first thing I thought when I saw him was "Where did he get those flowers?"...good move on his part though!  Flowers are ALWAYS a good idea in my book!  He and Ashley had a "relaxing evening at home" as he put it...and I guess that's really what it was.  It was something that an every day couple in the real world would do and I think that those make for some of the best dates.  I can completely see them as a couple in every day life and think that there is a real chemistry between them.  JP is really growing on me and apparently he's a very good kisser....he's welcome to test that opinion on me any time he wants (just putting it out there).  He got the rose at the end of the night (pajama pants and all) which honestly should have been no surprise to anyone.

The rose ceremony and the pre-ceremony deliberation definitely had a different tone to them this week.  It was the first week of this season where we really got to see Chris Harrison do his thing and boy is he good at it!  I LOVED what he said about Bentley and how "A real man would have moved heaven and Earth and fought to be here"....Bentley is the furthest thing from being a real man and I love Chris for pointing that out in a very classy but clear way!  In the end Jeff and Chris D. did not receive a rose.  I'm sure many were surprised that William received one but I am REALLY glad he did!  I'm not ready to give up on him and obviously Ashley isn't either....hopefully he can redeem himself and show the man we all saw and fell in love with last week.

Next week Ashley and the boys are off to Thailand!  Apparently along with all the romance and amazing dates that we will get to experience we will also see some drama (shocker) having to do with Ryan P.  The "man claws" are coming out and that isn't something that anyone should want to miss!

I leave you the same way that the Bachelorette left us this week....with the image of Bentley fixing his hair while Jeff (mask and all) is doing some business on the toilet.  Seriously makes you question what really goes on in that house doesn't it??

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