Monday, June 13, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Cast Revealed

Here’s the newest cast that will be competing for that big check (or maybe even true love).
  • Gia Allemand (Jake Pavelka’s season, returning to the Pad for a second time to face all the drama with Vienna) 
  • Holly Durst (Matt Grant’s season, newly single after breaking off her engagement with Michael Stagliano…who will also be taking up residence in the Pad)
  • Vienna Girardi (Jake Pavelka’s season, will be in the house along with Gia, Jake, and new boyfriend Kasey)
  • Jackie Gordon (Brad Womack’s season, will be faced with continuing drama with Michelle Money)
  • Michelle Money (Brad Womack’s season, will she be as controversial this time as she was during her season?)
  • Ella Nolan (Jake Pavelka’s season, this single mom recently called off her engagement)
  • Erica Rose (Lorenzo Borghese’s season, this “princess” returns with friend Vienna and Kasey on her side)
  • Melissa Schreiber (Brad Womack’s season, the “cougar” famous for her catfight with Raichel)
  • Alli Travis (Brad Womack’s season, hopefully she’ll have better luck this time)
  • Graham Bunn (Deanna Pappas’ season, the heartbreaker who didn’t reciprocate Deanna’s feelings)
  • Kirk Dewindt (Ali Fedotowski’s season, the adorable guy with a father who is a taxidermist)
  • Kasey Kahl (Ali Fedotowski’s season, will this guy be able to guard and protect girlfriend Vienna’s heart?)
  •  Jake Pavelka (he’ll face ex-fiancee Vienna for the first time since their very heated and very public breakup)
  • Justin “Rated-R” Rego (Ali Fedotowski’s season, the liar who not only still had a girlfriend back home but was also leaving her voicemails while on the show)
  • Michael Stagliano (Jillian Harris’ season, fresh off of a broken engagement with fellow Pad contestant Holly Durst)
There will also be 3 men joining the cast from Ashley Hebert’s season….let’s just call them our mystery men for now.
  • The first of these men was just announced and it's William!!!  So excited to see more of him! 
  • The second mystery man is Blake!  Luckily we will be seeing a lot more of him and that gorgeous grin of his! 
  • The third and final mystery man is Ames!
Should be a good season with A LOT of drama!

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