Monday, June 13, 2011

Bachelorette Ep.4

Ladies and gentlemen please fasten your seat belts and get ready because Thailand is where our destination is this week.  Hope your passports are up to date because here were go....

Constantine got the first date this week and honestly, watching this date was kind of boring.  It's not even the fact that their original date was rained out...I just didn't find Constantine that interesting.  I was waiting for that moment where I start to fall for the guy and it just didn't come.  Maybe he was a lot more interesting during the parts that weren't shown but I was less then impressed.  Although, it would appear that Ashely does see something in him because he did receive a rose at the end of the night.  I just don't see the chemistry between them, there aren't any visible sparks between them which has me wondering what Ashley saw that I didn't.

This group date was hands down one of my favorites because of what they did.  Helping make an orphanage more like a home for those kids both warmed and broke my heart at the same time.  It was so amazing to see how hard these guys wanted to work to make this the best place they possibly could for those kids!  To see how impacted some of the guys were after doing that was truly moving and I'm really glad that they showed that. 

The only thing not amazing about that date in my opinion was Ryan P.  He was so willing to point out all of the things that needed to be done but I didn't really see him actually doing any of that work.  I'm not surprised that the guys are getting really fed up with's only episode 4 and I'm sick of him.  We haven't even seen that much of him but he just seems to have one of those personalities that turns people off...not exactly a quality one wants to have.  On the other hand you have Ben F. and he really impressed me this week!  Wanting to paint that mural was so great...and I don't care what he says because that was a damn good mural!  We finally got to start seeing who he really is and I for one like what I see, and obviously Ashley feels the same.  I can't leave the subject of the group date without mentioning JP's one-on-one time.....can we say HOT?!  I like JP more and more each and every time I see him....I mean how can you not?  They have such chemistry together and add in the rain element and you have something that we haven't seen between anyone else this season.  Oh how I would have loved to be Ashley right then!  Ben F. got the surprise there, he definitely deserved it!

Ames got the second one-on-one date and I'm glad he did because we haven't seen much of him and I had no idea who he really was.  After seeing his date I'm pleasantly surprised...he actually has a personality and it's a funny one!  It was interesting to hear how spontaneous he really is...I mean cooking school in Thailand on a whim, who does that?  Their date was so amazing and it spoke volumes that they were comfortable enough with each other to not have to talk while on the sea kayak....sometimes the best moments with someone are the ones you spend in silence.  I like Ames a lot....he can be a little cheesy and a little over the top at times but it's not enough to turn me off.  You can tell he's very intelligent...but sometimes I'm not really sure where he is going or what point he's trying to make.  I can see something with Ashley but I'm not completely convinced that what they have is of a romantic nature...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  He got the rose regardless and hopefully we'll continue to get to see that Ames...the Ames with an actual personality instead of the boring wallflower we've been seeing.

There was a cocktail party tonight and I think it was more informative for Ashley then anything.  It seems like Ashley had a lot of questions for many of the guys and it looks like she got the answers she needed.  Blake's conversation with Ryan P. was interesting but definitely not as explosive as I had anticipated.  Blake was very calm and collected while talking to Ryan and I never felt as though he was attacking Ryan in any way.  Blake impressed me with how he handled himself and the situation...major points were earned with me tonight.  Ashley chose to make her own "rules" tonight and only send one guy home instead of two.  It was clear she felt like she hadn't given these guys the time and attention they deserved and wanted to try and rectify the situation.  In this case it was West that was left standing without a rose.  I am sad to see him go because he was an early favorite of mine but I can see why Ashley made the decision she did.

Some final thoughts I'll leave you with: I want to see more Ashley/William time, I think Lucas will get a 1-on-1 next week, someone goes to the hospital, and Bentley returns.  Hope you join me next week and please leave your comments!! 

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